Truth is, Kris, she was so hungry from lack of food, the only thing left to bite was the hand.
Katelyn Burns

Just checking, but you are aware of her twitter feed and the stuff she posts there? And of course the relatively expensive apartment in a relatively expensive location she choose to live in alone?

I come from a family where we spend a lot of time helping those in need, and one thing I have definitely learned is that wealth is a thing primarily about perspective and life-style. And no, that’s not true anymore for those who are in a truly bad situation, but when you have a job which can easily earn you a living (though indeed, you probably will need to live together with a roommate) and live in one of the most luxurious areas in the world with a relatively weak degree (getting a job as English major is quite possible, but it’s something where you have to fight to prove your worth)… then I think if anything you should be thankful.

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