5 Ways to Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

The quality of content has become a matter of concern for content marketers in the last few years as Google and other search engines are refining and improving their algorithms to be able to rank pages on the basis of their content quality. While this may be frustrating for some who managed to fool the old Google algorithms and get to the number one spot in search results, it is definitely great news for those who are creating high-quality content and not just peddling low-quality content that aims at manipulating algorithms. But, the question now is, “What makes a content great and what do content marketers need to do?” In this post we discuss five ways that will help you take your content to the number one rank in search engine results.

1. Bigger the better

Let’s say you are looking for information on a particular topic and there are two blogs on it, one with five tips and the other with 20 tips. Wouldn't you with the second blog that has more tips to share? Similarly, when creating content, one must keep their posts as long as possible, without making it sound very boring and by keeping it informative at the same time.

2. Create credible content

Often blogs make claims or statements that may raise many eyebrows. One of the reasons for this is that anyone can create and post a blog claiming themselves as experts. To increase the credibility of your content, support your claim with relevant data. If you are writing on a topic that is not related to your field of expertise, cite experts. Therefore, if you are not an expert, use the credibility that other experts have developed.

3. Keep it easy for your readers

Assume that your reader is a first-timer and you have the job of explaining this topic to them in the simplest form. What would you do in such a scenario? To make it easy for your readers, use words that all readers would be familiar with, and avoid getting into the complexities of that topic. Read what has been previously written on those topics and if you think it lacks anything, then address the same in your posts. Similarly, if there is any information on the previous content that’s outdated or incorrect; make sure you share the right information in your content.

4. Give your readers the power to control

Different audience would have different reading styles, different capabilities to comprehend, and different preferences for learning, and so on. You must create content that gives each one of their type personalized control over the way they use your content. For that, you need to create content in multiple formats such a text based, audio, video and more. Similarly you can create a table of content that will help your reader pick and choose what they are looking for. Another option would be to let your

5. Design matters

There have been instances in the past when a product equipped with superior functions failed to compete with a less equipped but better designed product. The same is true for content. Readers tend to get attracted towards content pieces that look more attractive and engaging. To ensure your content gets more viewership you should include images, use lists in your content, structure it in a way that helps readers skim through your content allowing, and more.


When creating content, concentrate more on what your reader wants to know, and not on what you would want the reader to know. Similarly, don’t just focus on creating your content around what the search engine algorithms want because what even they want is readability at the end of the day.