Motion Picture Academy Donates Grant in Support of Filmmakers

Having more than 40 years of film and television experience, David Nicksay began his movie making career after graduating from Hampshire College with a bachelor’s degree in performing arts. As a highly esteemed producer of feature films, he has helped make Hollywood hits such as Warner Bros.’ Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Walt Disney Picture’s Up Close and Personal, and Universal Picture’s Pitch Perfect 3 (to be released in December 2017). As an active participant in many filmmaking organizations, David Nicksay belongs to the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which has made a significant donation to the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF).

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has donated a $10,000 FilmWatch grant to the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) to promote documentary works supporting Israeli history. The academy’s second contribution to the AJFF, the FilmWatch grant helps to showcase Israeli culture and politics around the world.

The academy distributes a total of $500,000 among 44 programs through its FilmCraft and FilmWatch programs with the goal of assisting future film producers and underrepresented artists. The $10,000 FilmWatch grant contributes to the AJFF’s Life in Israel program and highlights its culture, history, sports, and immigration.

Approximately 10 years ago, the festival received its first grant from the academy promoting the AJFF’s vision of bridging together communities through film.