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Vague Climate Change Science Is Real And Happening

Climate Change Science agrees smoking causes cancer and the earth isn’t flat but won’t say the same for climate change flattening the planet. Will they end this debate for it’s too late to?

*They ONLY agreed it was “real” but not as real as Bush is a neocon and exaggerating vague science just makes us all fear mongering neocons.
And now only 35 MORE years of debate is certain and unstoppable.

Nothing GREEN (besides the science of clean combustion) had anything to do with defeating the smoggy 70’s and this blessed and endless bounty from fracking we now enjoy proves the Internet is just an open sewer of untreated information used to foster ignorance, feed a lie, exaggerate, abuse vague science or seek the truth. You GREENS don’t have to tell children the end is near in order to be good stewards of the planet. 
GREEN needs to move away from the fear factor and bring on the love factor for our planet.

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