3 Things I Learned Being A Manager

Managing people can be a tricky business. Even if you are the biggest and best people person on the planet one wrong step can cause you issues. And, as I write this I am thinking of things I could do/have done to be better at managing not only my designated team but being a leader in my company as a whole.

The main team I'm responsible for is the sales team. And, you would think…eh whats hard about that. Now granted on some level the sales team can be much more black and white when it comes to management. But, I have discovered 3 things translate across ever company that every manager should employ. And, in lieu of going all cheese ball and calling this the 3M’s of Management which is WAY over done, I’m going to simply list them out. And, as you read my list understand I come from a POSITIVE perspective.

  1. Monitor- now before you walk away, don’t get this confused with Micro management. And, this doesn't mean installing cameras and checking the frequency of bathroom breaks. This is more of a way to help you track your employees’s success. In order to help keep your employee on task you need to set up goals, expectations and objectives that they can clearly track themselves against. That way they will be able to clearly see that they are meeting what is needed of them. In sales this is pretty easy with quotas. Other things that can be done are call sheets, and public meeting calendars. With general staff setting up weekly goals and check lists are a good start. One other thing to monitor is attitude…Negative people can destroy moral faster than anything. So, if you have negative folks in your organization get them up or get them out.
  2. Mature- As a manager you have a duty to help your people improve their skills related to not only their job but their life! I have a complete expectation with my employees that they constantly be improving themselves. So, I firmly believe in not only providing training but laying out expectations that our team trains on their own after work. The way that things move in the business world the whole Knowledge Is Power thought process is more important now than ever! So, encourage your people to constantly read and teach others what they have learned. There is no better way to retain what you learn other than teaching. One way I accomplish this is by having my team read articles then stand up and teach the rest of the group what they learned and then we have open discussions.
  3. Motivate- Motivation comes in all shapes and forms. I am more of a proponent of the Positive form. People being people all have different ways and degrees to which this applies. I will say helping your people find their purpose and what hot button you can hit with will make this work the best. You need to help your folks find their true reason for being there. Are they doing it for their family? Are they doing it to be the best? Are they doing it for the money? Are they doing it to impress someone? What ever their “why” may be, the faster you help them find this the more productive and better their attitude, pride, and work ethic will be.

Well, I hope you find this helpful! Lastly, all of the above list should be done with a true caring tone. Don’t only show them but tell them know you care about them and their families. There can be times where employees feel like a number or a cog in the wheel and not like an actual part of the family.

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