Candidacy for House of Representatives

I’m finally excited to announce to you that I’m launching my campaign to represent the great people of the United States as a member of the House of Representatives.

Your amazing support will be crucial in this campaign every step of the way, and I’m asking you to join me on this amazing adventure that awaits us as Americans.

From my first days in NUSA as a White House Chief of Staff to today as the 11th Vice President of the United States and Federal Prosecutor, I have worked since day one to put you as my priority and to represent every single person in this country as one.

I want to be a voice in Congress that we feel like has been missing and that will impact us personally. I will be a fighter for every single person in every rank, position, and status. I will be a fighter for the person who believes that they’ll never get a job. I will be a fighter for the people who deserve more but is constantly ignored.

The United States has been incredibly well served in Congress and in the White House by some of my closest friends, and with your help, I wish to join them as we work to make America a place where people all have an opportunity

One of the things I love about campaigning is talking to people, and I can’t wait to do it again. Not only will I be posting on Medium and Twitter, I will be personally in our cities and the group wall to make sure I get to know all of you. With your help, I wish to build on what we have now and improve it.

Thank you,