Democratic Weekly Address — 1/28/17

On January 21st, our nation witnessed the peaceful transfer of power. Our President SuddenRush12G is now the Speaker of the House, while TheySinned took the keys to the White House.

We believe that with TheySinned in the Oval Office, and SuddenRush in the Speakers office, that our country will continue to prosper. Over the next few weeks, the Democratic Party is going to reach out to people personally and see what affects them. We’re going to do everything possible to stop gridlock from happening, and to make sure that our Democrats in Congress will put us on the right track.

Firstly, we want to say congratulations to the courageous TheySinned on his win, and we will do everything we can to work with this administration. We trust that the current administration will be a great ally to all parties, and will be a role model of working together.

As a Democrat, we represent and embody the term “unity”. As we begin to unite the party, we want to unite with our fellow Plutocrats and Republicans in office as well. Not only do we want to work together, we want to get things done. It’s time for all parties to work together and do what is right for every American in this great country. It’s time that we begin legitamently addressing the foreign policy issues we face in Congress, not handle them in a silly way — or push them to the side. While our citizens are trying to find jobs, we’re too busy trying to have a majority in Congress. It’s time to get to work, and then focus on elections. We were elected to get things done. This is the dawn of a new era, and we’re just getting started. It’s time the people have the power and say again in the government.

God Bless You, and God Bless the United States of America.

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