PROOF of GOD: Here it is!!!

A great debate raged on Facebook. It was a simple challenge, “Do you have proof for the existence of a god? Bring it on…”

So, I put a little thought into this based on what I know, what I understand so far and here’s where I’m at right now:

First off, the gods of this planet are constructs of man. They are metaphors and allegory designed to enlighten and illuminate. However, men have used these constructs for manipulation and corruption so for the time being, just disregard them.

Second, everything that you have and will ever have started first with a thought. You have a thought, “I’d like a pizza” and then you go make that happen. You think you want another job, a girlfriend, a car, a house, a client. Maybe you want to eliminate darkness and so you turn on the light. You have this idea about finding a way to communicate with people across long distances and you invent the telegraph. You have a concept for a company or a product. Then you somehow create it. Or fail at it. But… Thought first. Physical reality second. Anything that exists in your world started with a thought.

Third, if you look at anything deep enough, you know, like through an electron or quantum microscope, it’s all mostly empty space. The belief that wood is solid is wrong. Look close enough and it’s just atoms and protons and neutrons spinning around empty space held together by gravity.

Zoom way out now… like Hubble Telescope Deep Field zoom out. And what do you see? A bunch of Galaxies orbiting each other. Not stars. Galaxies. And then there’s empty space. Much like the view in the quantum microscope.

So do we have a case of as in the micro, so in the macro?

Now back to you. Consider your body. More of the whole empty space thing. Cells, protons, electrons, atoms, all held together by gravity and with the innate urge to survive and reproduce. This is the urge of all life. On every level of intelligence, it’s survive and reproduce. The fact that plants grow towards the sun for nutrition, grow roots deep for moisture and excrete chemicals as defense implies some basic form of intelligence and solving of the problems of survive and reproduce.

The big bang happened about 13 BILLION years ago. Since then the universe has been expanding out; surviving and reproducing on a massive scale.

So I ask you this, is the universe alive? Who came up with the idea of the universe? Who thought up the gravity thing anyway? The thing that causes fusion? That births stars that give off light and expel the hydrogen and carbon needed to create the life on this planet (and most likely billions more). It has been said that “the cell is to biology what the molecule is to chemistry.” So if you take one of the gazillion atoms that makes your flesh and split that sucker, how much energy gets released? How much actual energy is actually out there?

What if the natural order of things has an intelligence behind it that we just don’t understand yet?

Misunderstood: Belief that we are separate from this intelligence. Impossible. If we are a result of someone’s idea of light, then how can we be separate from it? If I take a glass of water from the ocean, isn’t it still the ocean? The elements that make our body comes from star dust. The ingredients of life are infinite therefor so are we. We are part of this divine intelligence and just like the earth once being the flat center of the universe, there are understandings that science simply has not developed enough to be fully proven… yet.

Along the minute fabric of the millisecond that humans have been on planet earth, a few humans, mentioned in the holy texts have understood deep enough to have found ways to communicate with this intelligence and co-create with it at a level we for now can only call miraculous.

Maybe, just maybe, this intelligence is able to exist with us and in us and yet most of us humans just can’t see far enough out to recognize the alpha and the omega is right here, right now, in this very moment. Just like when we couldn’t see far enough out to recognize that the earth is round and not the center of the universe.

Would love to hear from you too. How do you make sense of your higher power? Or is that something you can’t make sense of? Comment below…

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