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Juice Feasting for Health MASTERY

Sixteen Reasons Why for 2016 (*LIVE Talk Recording Below*)

This is an introductory article for the 30-Day Juice Feasting Mastery Program starting January 1, 2016 with Master Coach and Juice Feasting author and creator, David Rainoshek, MA. You can register for the Juice Feasting Mastery Program on David Rainoshek’s coaching page here.

When I was completely down and out with my health in 2003, and ready to die, an opportune moment of a lifetime for Mastery presented itself.

“When the mind is ready, a teacher will appear.” — Ancient Chinese Proverb

At just the right moment, my mentors in Juice Feasting and nutrition came forth at my point of greatest need, and the rest is history. We now have Juice Feasting a life-saving practice anyone can do, which has been learned by millions of people worldwide. You can learn more about the Juice Feasting Program by clicking our juicy logo below:

THE CLEANSING SWEET SPOT: Cleanse-Rebuild-Rehydrate-Alkalize for up to 92 Days… Since 2004!

Next month, starting New Year’s Day January 1st 2016, I am offering a private Group Juice Feast and Training: Juice Feasting Mastery. Everyone in our group will be trained to become a true Master at Juice Feasting by the end of our 30 Days together, which will include:

==> 30 Days of Juice Feasting (Mastery-Level) with David Rainoshek, MA
==> Juice Feasting Health Inventory and 3-Hour Initial Consultation
==> Daily 1-on-1 calls with David Rainoshek
==> Weekly Group Calls on Juice Feasting Mastery with Lecture and Q&A
==> 1 Year Membership to The Juice Feasting Program
==> David Rainoshek’s 12-week HyperLearning Course (as a Mastery practice)

Some of you will join in for your own Mastery, and a few will develop a skill you can take out into the world as a coach and mentor to others, like so many have done before you.

Again, here is the link where you can learn more and sign up while spaces remain:

Now, onto that juicy, self-reliant, self-actualized list…

| The LIST | Juice Feasting MASTERY

Author Robert Greene describes “Mastery” as a sensation, a feeling, a worldspace in yourself of having command.

A greater command of reality, of others, and of ourselves. He says that while this feeling may be something we only experience for a short while, for others — masters in their field — it becomes a way of life and a way of seeing the world.

We think of people like Leonardo DaVinci, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Gandhi, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King, and countless others as being Masters.

In my profession I have found that one of the subtle yet grand mistakes we make is to think that only geniuses have access to true Mastery. Robert Greene wrote Mastery to unpack that belief, debunk it, and show anyone who wants to know what the steps are to true Mastery.

Green describes three main phases towards Mastery: Apprenticeship, Creative-Active, and Mastery itself. The first two phases involve having a Mentor, and you are in the domain of experience of that thing you are seeking to master. You are trying to equalize the difference of command in that particular domain between you and your Mentor (and other leaders in the field).

The third stage is Mastery. Not only do you have command of a skill or domain as-it-is, but you can creatively act on and evolve the thing you have Mastery of. Many people (particularly my private clients) have done this with my Juice Feasting Program — lifehacking it with smoothies, superfoods and superherbs I had not yet tried integrating, and even juicing new things in novel ways.

If you just read Robert Greene’s book, Mastery (which we will be covering in the January 2016 Juice Feasting Mastery Program), you would think that developing Mastery takes a loooong time. Many people have thrown around the 10,000 hour rule, which Josh Kaufman overviews in The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything…Fast! Here’s the potent excerpt:

Exactly. If it takes 10,000 hours from when you start, why bother? But here’s the fantastic kicker:

There’s an element of Dr. Ericsson’s research that’s very easy to overlook: it’s a study of expert-level performance.

That’s right. But if you want to have mastery for your own purposes, i.e. sufficient command to dramatically improve your life, oftentimes we do not need to be in the top 1% of performers. The top 80% is good enough.

With Juice Feasting, we can cover this inside a month, just applying Juice Feasting as a potent Life Practice in a deliberate and skillful manner, and living our daily lives (nearly ALL my clients maintain their careers, families, travel schedule, etc. while enjoying the cleansing and healing event of their lives with Juice Feasting.)

My coaching and teaching of Juice Feasting is designed to move you through (break through) the “frustration barriers” and acquire your skill at self-healing less painfully and with greater speed and depth than with any other cleansing or healing technique now available. And that is saying something truly revolutionary in an era of unprecedented health care costs ($4.2 Trillion in 2016) and limited time.

Without further ado, I present to you the Sixteen Reasons to Acquire Juice Feasting MASTERY in 2016.

#1 | Self-Reliance

Michael Pollan said in Cooked that our homemade food serves our health better than any professional Master chef out there.

We can actually become a true master of our own domain and our own health by doing our own cooking at home. Juice feasting is designed in that spirit: you can do better for yourself on a cleanse — making your own juice tailored for you on any given day — than any professional juice bar, ever.

Juice feasting is designed for you to be able to do it all at home in the course of your normal life. Drive your car. Go to work. Take care your kids, pay your bills. And cleanse at a level not even achievable at professional healing retreats.

So the number one reason to develop Juice Feasting mastery in 2016 is for Self Reliance. No one is going to take as good care of your health as you are. Not your doctor. Not your spouse. Not your friends. Not any consultant for you.

And that’s not to diminish my role as a Professional Coach or my mentor Dr. Cousens or any good health professional out there. Many different perspectives and bodies of wisdom will come together from many different places to provide you with what you need to know in order to create your own thriving life. It’s just that you know yourself more intimately than anybody else when it comes to your own healing.

You’re at the top of the pyramid. You know everyone that is informing you, and everything that you are bringing to bear to help you heal and improve your health. That puts YOU at the top of the pyramid — not your doctor, not me, not anybody else.

Developing Self-Reliance with regards to health is incredibly empowering. For reasons that we are just about to cover in the rest of the sixteen things. But Juice Feasting is all about making you Self-Reliant. I don’t want you you have to have to go to an expensive health center or retreat (unless you want to). I want you to be able to do it (Juice Feast, eat well, and live well) for yourself, knowing that incredible health practices are assets you’ve got in the bag without equivocation for the rest of your life.

#2 | Self-Actualization

This means becoming the best you that you can be, doing what it is that you’re uniquely here to do — finding and doing that thing that nobody else can do but you.

Your Unique Self Purpose is the thing that you’re here in your life to do, and you need every advantage possible to actualize your Unique Self Purpose.

If your dogged by health challenges, it’s not impossible to self-actualize. But it’s damn near impossible. If your body is complaining all the time, it makes it very difficult to have the clarity of mind or the the energy that’s required to self actualize your unique purpose, and that can be frustrating as hell.

Self Actualization is part of Maslow’s developmental Hierarchy of Needs (you can see the chart above at right). It’s one of the higher levels of needs that we have as a human being. It’s not enough just to have some friends have a nice job. To have your house, be fed, and live comfortably. After all those things are taken care of, we still have needs that are expressed at a higher, more evolved level of our life: we want to Self-Actualize.

And so there are building blocks for getting to that level in your life. Being able to actually engage in Self Actualization is to take care of all those lower, more fundamental levels of our needs. And one of those fundamentals is taking good care of our health. It’s the platform upon which we Self Actualize.

Now for some of us, Self Actualization is achieving radiant health, and educating others how to pursue and achieve that for themselves. I’m Mentoring several people on just that in the next month: how to be a Juice Feasting Coach. If that’s something that is a passion of yours, or an awakening passion of yours, please contact me and I’d be happy to talk with you about being your Mentor not only for your Juice Feast but to Mentor you in how to be a Coach.

#3 | Health Maintenance

You can Juice Feast a day a week. You don’t have to Juice Feast for 92 Days (although one can). Juice Feasting is something that’s kind of like changing your oil. You change the oil in your car every three to five thousand miles.

A person can do a short Juice Feast one day a week or for a few days. Every three or four months. Some of my clients to do it in the Fall and again in the Spring.

Many start off for a 1-week Juice Feast and they’ll see how long it goes by waiting for their body to tell them when it’s time to Close the Feast.

You can Juice Feast to get back to your ideal weight or reduce the underlying causes of that little sticky health challenge that you have. And its the same Juice Feast you do when something bigger comes along, at any stage of life.

Juice Feasting is there for you to not just when you’re thirty or forty or fifty but also sixty seventy eighty ninety. The oldest person that John Rose has ever coached was in his ninety’s… For me the oldest person I ever coached was in their 80s. My father who I kept out of the hospital from back surgery when he was in his 70s did a 90-Day Juice Feast. On Day 46 he came to me and said, “I don’t want to build your ego, but my back doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m not going to need surgery.” Just drinking juice according to my program kept my dad — one of the heroes of my life — out of surgery… and surgery is a potentially sketchy thing in your 70s.

So health maintenance is is a huge one. And it saves you lots of money over the years. The Internet marketers that are out there — and I do not consider myself one even though I teach in the Internet space — The marketers that are out there that make the most money are the people promising to make you money. I promise to save people more money over their lifetime. Doing what I do, in my opinion, means more than any of those guys who promise to make people money. Everybody can get money anytime. But achieving and maintaining your own health is one of the best ways to protect your investments and the great meaning of your life. Excellent health protects your ability to do your career, and to not waste money on pharmaceuticals, surgeries, and the like while taking care of illness.

#4 | Be a Maverick

So I love this word maverick. I came across it first through Joseph Campbell the great mythologist.

If any of you saw the power of myth with Joseph Campbell on PBS back in 1987 during his fantastic series on the Hero’s Journey (which is going to be one of the last points of today,) you’ll know what I mean.

A maverick is somebody who doesn’t just go with the flow, but actually stands slightly outside of the mainstream and looks back on it and says, “I think for myself. I consider the views of everybody. But I filter those through myself as Walt Whitman said. I filter the ideas through myself. And then I go forth from there.”

So being a maverick is really important if we want to achieve levels of mastery. Juice Feasting is for mavericks. Now you can be in the mainstream and do it, and a lot of people who are do. But it’s a maverick approach. It’s not what your doctor is going to tell you to do and it’s not because it’s dangerous — it’s just that your doctor didn’t learn about it in school… doctors are there to treat symptoms, not to fix permanently the things Juice Feasting is designed to heal. I teach my clients — and everyone who becomes a Master at Juice Feasting — to understand, identify, and remove the underlying causes of our preventable health challenges. Permanently.

Being a Maverick is an archetype of our identity. That is very very powerful thing to think about. The archetype of the maverick is the way that people move forward as entrepreneurs. It’s the way that we move forward in our personal development. It’s the way that we have been all our lives… Not just to stay where were we are, but to push forward — constantly evolving forward and resisting inertia, stagnation, boredom, and decline. Juice Feasting significantly waters that archetypal capacity of the Maverick in you.

#5 | To Save the Lives of Others

I love that Juice Feasting is not something that’s just for your benefit alone.

It’s initially for you, and that’s very important. But when you take good care of your health, you have no idea the number of people that are going to benefit later on down the road for what you’re doing right now in taking good care of your health. It is truly inspiring to other people. And, it allows you to be in service to other people, to really be there for them in a way that is much more difficult if you are dealing with health challenges.

Knowing how to Juice Feast is also piece of information — an invaluable piece of information — that you can pass on to other people that can literally save their lives. That’s that’s an incredible gift. There’s few things that you’ve got in life that are that extraordinary.

And it’s a gift that you can just keep giving over and over again. For some, you may decide to become a professional coach, and give the gift of health and life transformation to people in a really intimate and personally-tailored fashion.

#6 | To Reduce the Burden on Doctors and Hospitals

A client that I was coaching a couple of weeks ago cried when I mentioned this direct benefit of Juice Feasting. She had never thought of it this way before.

She had just railed against the medical community because of all of the nonsense: with pharmaceuticals; the high cost of medical care; people not being taken proper care of; the public not being educated on what they really need to do for their health… and so she had railed against the medical community for years.

And I said:

“Do you know when you’re what you’re doing right now? The efforts that you’re making on a daily basis? You’re reducing the burden on doctors and hospitals who actually have legitimate work to do. To take care of people who are sick or just about to die because of an accident or some disease that they weren’t able to prevent. Those doctors are so overworked. When you take good care of your health you are reducing the burden on those people who are giving their lives to take care of people’s health in the best way that they know how. And they’re overburdened. So when you learn how to Juice Feast you’re reducing the burden on those good people in the medical community.
Over time, what we’re doing — and you’re seeing it out there on the internet — more medical doctors are starting to get wind of what we’ve been doing over the last dozen years. More and more of them are turning onto plant-based nutrition and using cleansing technologies to remove the underlying causes of our illnesses. So what you are doing — Juice Feasting and taking care of your health yourself — is having an impact on the medical community. You have a direct impact on the medical community by not being among the sick, but by being among the self-directed, increasingly self-reliant healthy people who are growing even healthier with technologies like Juice Feasting.”

She cried. And kept moving forward with the transformation of her health. As a coach, I love days like that. I live for that quality of awakening insight in my clients.

#7 | Reduce the Excessive Profits and Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies

$4.2 Trillion with a CAPITAL T will be spent on medical care in the United States alone in 2016.

Big Medicine is bloated with profits — it’s one of the most profitable industries out there. It is my estimation, based on the healing experiences millions have had with Juice Feasting, there shouldn’t be that much money going into medical care. It’s too much money going there as opposed to truly creative pursuits in our society.

When you’re well, and you know how to take care of your health as a Self-Reliant, Self-Actualized person, you’re not feeding that beast, if you will. And I think that that’s incredibly important for a healthy and truly great society.

I said twelve years ago that eventually someone will run for president solely on the platform of taking care of the health of the citizens. Barack Obama didn’t do it. He did tackle health care through “Obamacare’ but that was really just a financial trick for the insurance industries. It will not — from a macro perpsective — truly improve the health of the United States.

We need for leaders in our society to come out and say that we need to take care of our own house… we need to take care of our own health and be self-reliant. The burden of health care is on is on us. The problems that we face in health care: We’re all contributing to them. If we want better health care in the United States or around the world, we’ve got to do everything we can to take care of our health, ourselves.

Juice Feasting Mastery is a strong step — perhaps one of the strongest — that you can take to fix the broken and financially bloated Big Medicine monopoly that is held over our heads every day.

#8 | To Clean Up and Organize Life

Masters at Juice Feasting are Master Organizers.

“As above, so below.” Our exteriors are a reflection of our interiors.

Almost without exception, everyone I have coached on Juice Feasts of anything north of 14 Days finds themselves positively compelled to clean house and many aspects of their life.

While you’re Juice Feasting your body starts to clean it’s own house. Everything becomes more well organized in your body, and you become more pragmatic and concerted in your efforts to continue the healing trend. You’re on an evolutionary imperative of improving your entire life.

It’s then that you look out of outside of yourself and you say, “This desk. This garage. This kitchen. This house. These can’t stay this disorganized anymore. It just doesn’t work for me it — this mess is in conflict with me. My own interiors are becoming really clean, my mind is becoming more well -organized and at peace. Yet outside of me, it doesn’t look like peace and organization. This has got to change.”

So it’s always funny to me around Day 14 or so my clients will say, “Oh, I started cleaning up yesterday. Massively.” “Well that’s good!” I make a note of that and we start talking about the practice of Honoring and Releasing as a means of letting go of things that you don’t need anymore.

This natural evolutionary drive to let go and organize what you have is another beautiful, thoroughly enjoyable ancillary benefit while doing a Juice Feast.

#9 | Benefit the Environment

A diet of processed food, the resulting health challenges, maintaining those health challenges, and the diminishment of your capacities for higher, wider, deeper, more engaged creative action in the world — this is at the heart of our modern ecological crises.

Pharmaceuticals are in our water supply. Eating processed foods. Is very degredating to the environment. People who are unhappy. Who don’t feel good. Don’t have the energy to make the decisions or create the businesses or develop the families that really take care of our environment. To take care of our external environment is requires a lot of energy. Creative energy. Requires healthy happy engaged people.

So if we want to heal the environment — as Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh said — we’ve got to start by healing ourselves. It’s critically important. So if you want to benefit the environment you’ve got to start at home. And a lot of the reasons that people get into vegetarianism or veganism and into cleansing is because they’re looking at — for example — modern agribusiness. And they’re saying, “this just can’t keep going. I’ve got to eat differently.”

And that eating differently is going to affect my health and I want to affect my health, too. So the whole thing starts to evolve.

It’s why I put together the Spectrum of Diet, seen above. As you move up the Spectrum of Diet out of Processed Food and Standard American / Standard Western approaches into Whole Foods, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw/Vegan and an Integrated Approach, the benefit to the environment increases with every one of those stages.

So taking care of your health — with Life Practices such as Juice Feasting Mastery — makes you a healthy, happy, creative, evolutionary person who’s engaged and can help us to solve the problems that we face. You are self-creating thoughts and ideas at levels beyond those that created the problems in the first place, as Einstein so aptly said.

#10 | To Self-Evolve Your Worldview

In 2007 I began to conceive what we now call The Spectrum of Diet (referenced above). It is a look at our own nutritional evolutionary development in the western world, where every conceivable foodstuff and approach to eating is readily available to us.

Eating deeply — taking into account mental health, cultural depth, physical health, and the well being of the systems in our society (economic, medical, political, etc.) — is an evolutionary act. In so doing, you are taking on the care and concern of more people. You are acting in the better interest of people far beyond yourself. When it benefits your own locale or nation, we call this sociocentric.

And when the way we eat and take care of our health benefits the world at large, we are engaging a worldcentric act of love. Juice Feasting is a Life Practice that is supportive of healthy eating over your lifetime, as the act of Juice Feasting itself creates the physical, mental, and emotional desires that maintain a life-affirming, evolutionary embrace of Deep Foods and worldcentric living.

#11 | For a Photographic Memory and A HyperLearner’s Mind

Everyone has a photographic memory. We think in pictures.

In my HyperLearning Course, I invite students to describe your family car growing up. That memory is not a list of words, but a picture you can see in your mind that you can then describe, with words.

When we Juice Feast, our blood sugar stabilizes; the oxygen-carrying capacity of our blood improves; our hydration goes way up; our blood thins and flows better (cholesterol and triglyceride levels downtrend to healthier levels); micronutrients that were deficient or not present at all re-enter our system, nourishing every tissue including the brain; our gut health improves dramatically — and this is where we produce a great quantity of neurotransmitters that effect hormone balance and brain health; we sleep regularly, and more deeeeeply.

All of these things, and much more, are at work on any garden variety Juice Feast. Amazing. And that is why our brain functions better — sometimes far better. We experience this with more vivid dreams, better dream recall, improved access to thoughts and ideas during the day, and interestingly enough, a better photographic recall of things we have seen in the distant and near past. You can actually look back through what you have seen during the day and sometimes read the words off of things you have encountered.

Juice Feast, and see for yourself, literally.

#12 | Feel Better Than You Have in Your Adult Life

This is one of my absolute favorite comments from my clients. “David, I am feeling sooooo much better the past day. I can’t remember when I last felt so good. I don’t think I have felt this good in my adult life.”

#13 | Recognize and Emphasize Your Sacred Masculine

Everyone has a masculine capacity in themselves, be they a man or woman.

#14 | Recognize and Emphasize Your Sacred Feminine

#15 | To Grow in Your Mastery of the Hero’s Journey

When we speak of The Hero’s Journey we are — of course! — speaking of the great path of the Hero as explored by mythologist Joseph Campbell.

The Hero’s Journey is an adventure you were called or invited to go on — some massive journey in your life. On that Journey you’re going to learn something, or acquire something that you did not have before, and then bring it back to your own life and that of others or your whole culture.

So there’s going out. There are experiences. And there’s a Return. This is a very valuable context. I’ve talked a lot about it on the Juice Feasting program, and I talk privately about it with most of my clients.

Recognizing the stages of the Hero’s Journey is invaluable so you can recognize that you’re on those stages as you’re in full career of your Juice Feast. When you’re challenged, instead of lament or defeat, you can say, “Oh great! This is one of the chalenges of the Hero’s Journey! I understand I’m going through a threshold crossing right now. I’m waiting for something to come around that’s going to move me be on this. It means that I’m on the Hero’s Journey and that is so exciting.”

Being excited about the trials of the Hero’s Journey is really important, because they are coming, like it or not. But there is also illumination. That also happens on the Hero’s Journey. The Hero eventually is illuminated by something. They either get something, or they discover something that their whole society could benefit from. The Hero becomes the Boon Bringer — the person who brings something back to others that they desperately need.

Once I healed myself through Juice Feasting, I invested my life in creating the Juice Feasting Program. As a Boon Bringer after a major Hero’s Journey, it is the rock that I dropped in the kosmic pool that has rippled out. Far and wide, millions of people have benefited.

So recognizing the stages of the Hero’s Journey and becoming a Master of the practice is incredibly important not just for Juice Feasting itself but for everything in your life. To be able to recognize those stages makes it much easier for you to go through those stages as the hero in your own life.

And do not have any doubt. Everybody who’s alive is the hero of their own life.

#16 | Future Generations Are Counting On You

Everyone has their own theory on why the world is going to fail, implode, crash, collapse,

And while each of these perspectives has merit, I agree with Ken Wilber (video below) I think the doomsday worldview leaves out human ingenuity, and that includes yours.

Ken Wilber Video

Black Swans

Albert Einstein famously — and aptly — said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Future generations are counting on us — on you — to think beyond the causes of our problems to the territory in which we discover our ways and means through and beyond the challenges we now face. There is no greater task, in terms of importance, meaning, or frankly, enjoyment.

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