Textile Tips — Selecting the Right Fabric for Drapes

David Raminfard is the president of both Kaslen Textiles and New Point Fabric in California. A leader in fabric and textiles, David Raminfard also owns Luxury Fabrics in downtown Los Angeles. His companies source and sell wholesale fabrics for upholstery, drapery, and many other applications.

Whether they are bought off the shelf or custom made, the beauty of a drapery lies primarily in the fabric selected. Consider the following tips for texture, color, and pattern selection.

When selecting a fabric type, it is important to consider its anticipated uses. Heavy silks and velvets are often very attractive in formal areas. Lighter fabrics such as soft linen are suitable for casual areas, while cotton and wool blends offer the most versatility.

Color is an equally important decision. For unassuming drapes that blend in nicely, select a slightly darker shade of the tone the wall is painted. Bolder color choices can be used to make the area more of a focal point.

Finally, prints and patterns can be either attractive or overwhelming. It is usually a good idea to pair solid-colored drapery with patterned furniture, or patterned drapery with solid-colored furniture.

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