Do and Try.

My thoughts on pursuing happiness.

The reason so many people aren’t happy at work and seeing the results they want to see is because many people haven’t decided what makes them happy. Or worst, they know what makes them happy and they’ve ignored it. Happiness is perceived as being impractical. “I can’t do what I love, that’s not a real job” or “How could I possibly make money doing that?” Trust me, there are ways and it’s possible.

I’ve found that so many people don’t get caught up in thinking it’s possible, they know it’s “possible” but between them knowing it’s possible and them actually executing is the lack of trying. I know it’s cliche — but just start.

Do you want to be a filmmaker? fine, make films. Do you want to be a chef? go to your kitchen and cook. Do you want to make youtube videos for a living? Great! DO it.

Put energy behind something — then you’ll have results.

How did I get good at filmmaking? Because when I purchased my first camcorder, I just started creating. I just did it, I learned so much on my own, I also did a bunch of reading and because I learn the best visually, I watched tutorials and films. I didn’t do what I wanted to do to make money, I did it because it made me happy.

At some point you just have to decide and go out and do it. Once you do something then you can adjust, tinker, and try different things. Listen your first attempt to try something might not actually be the things that makes you happy or fulfilled inside, so you have to abort, and keep trying until you’ve found the thing that you love to do…but by just doing something you’ll have a better shot at knowing what you want to do.

Maybe write down all of the things that you love doing…and try one-by-one until you’ve crossed out everything you don’t like and found the one thing that truly makes you happy. Once you find that thing, just do it…all of the time.


DO-ing is very important part. Because you’re going to need to burn a few extra hours late at night and early in the morning, or on your lunch break until it eventually consumes you. I didn’t learn filmmaking and editing over night…it’s all I did late at night in my room and any other second I could.

Doing what you love, will be hard. It’s just the nature of the business.

A lot of times people confuse “not being happy” with “hard-work” these are two different things. The truth is doing what you love will take tremendous amounts of hard work…but my answer is at least you’re putting hard work and hours into doing what you love than the alternative.

Many people ask; what if I find something that I’m so “on fire” about, then I lose interest? That’s okay. Stop, reevaluate, and then try something different. You’ll know, once you find it. Just never stop until you do. It’s important.

Thanks for reading.

What do you think about this mentality of just do-ing? I know it’s cliche, it’s just been on my mind.

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