How I Got My Job For Gary Vaynerchuk

Sometimes you just have to work for free.

Let me preface this story with something I’ve been thinking about lately.

Hard work and intent play a huge role in serendipity.

It’s March 27th, 2017 as I’m sitting on this return flight from Los Angeles to New York City I can only grin as wide as my face allows me to while reminiscing at how all of this actually happened. It’s crazy to me the impact that choices have on your life. The amount of “misses” we actually have are ginormous especially because of all the shots we don’t take.

Whenever I have an idea, my thought process goes something like this — Is this practical? how quickly can I get it done? and does it stay on course for my goals? I don’t care if I fail as long as I keep chipping away at all of the ideas in my head, rather than wishing I did them.

I’m a dreamer at heart and will always be but that’s because I have big ambitions. To clarify the things I’ve currently accomplished didn’t come from wishing, just minimal process and massive amounts of action. Looking back I’ve realized that my actions at such a young age, really played such a major role in the way my life is going right now and is truly setting the foundation for what I intend to happen.

It feels like just yesterday I was 14 discovering how to use a video camera and soon became fascinated in how you could tell stories through editing. I remember as a kid I would literally sit in my room for hours and hours behind my PC and I’d edit with Windows Movie Maker until 3am or I’d be making videos with friends in the woods, or editing on the floor at my community college, even before my graveyard shift in the parking lot of Amazon’swarehouses.

Nothing replaces the hard work, except pure execution.

January 2014 at Columbia University was the first time I heard Gary speak. He told so many truths and his genuineness was refreshing, even the way he dressed was unapologetic (a Deckhead sweater, jeans with no belt, a ball cap and nikes.) That night I was captivated by all of his keynotes on youtube and drafted an email to him at 4am. sometimes I think things might not have happened the way they did if I had immediately sent the email.

On March 3rd, 2014 a few weeks later I sent an email because he had asked at the end of his youtube channel video to do so once they had subscribed.

The email I sent Gary on March 3rd, 2014

I sent the email and there was no response, I tweeted him telling him I had sent the email, etc.


It was April 26th, 2014, it was pouring and I didn’t feel like dragging all of my equipment through the subway so I took a cab (which was unusual for me) but I had just finished my freelance gig and wanted to get home. Since I had service I hopped on twitter and saw that Gary had tweeted “I’m trying out a new app called kik, come talk to me @garyvee”

The email I sent Gary on April 26th, 2014

About a month later I followed him around for a day and created the short film “Clouds and Dirt

June 8th, 2014 (a month later) we exchanged emails and he offered me a job.

Now we’re planning on taking over the world, one video at a time. ;)

Talk to me here. -> Twitter andInstagram

I’d love to talk with you and I’d love to know what you “love to do” and your thoughts on this article.

Ps. You were all asking about what equipment I use:

film for @garyvee | nyc | always making videos

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