What Equipment I Use For The #ASKGARYVEE Show.

A lot of you asked for it, here it is.

DRock here. A lot of you peeps have asked about the type of equipment I use for The #ASKGARYVEE Show, so I decided to streamline this process.



Canon Mark III

I’ve only recently started using the Mark III a lot of the earlier episodes were filmed on the Canon 7D. Which worked, but the Mark III is incredible.


24–70 Lens

This is the most common lens used in the show and I like it very much. (Though we have used a 50mm and a 19–120mm)


Sennheiser EW 112-p G3

These are the best wireless lavs I’ve used up to date, they have an automatic gain and do very well to capture Gary’s up and down levels.

Zoom H4N

We use this primarily for when we record the voiceovers for the questions throughout the show. It’s handy. Especially if you are a beginner podcaster — it’s pretty straightforward.


LED Light Panel — Genaray SpectroLED

Throughout the first hundred episodes we were working on finding the best lighting and color grading we wanted to run with, we were working with one LED light panel and intense color grading. Now we’ve landed on using two Genaray SpectroLED light panels, which gives the show a crisp high quality finish.


Shoulder Rig

You would not be able to create the #ASKGARYVEE show with a tripod. Sorry it’s just not possible. Gary’s energy and the way he just flows it would be impossible. I used to use the Opteka Shoulder Rig.

Monopod — Manfrotto MVM450A Aluminum Monopod

This monopod has become my best friend and second arm when it comes to shooting the shooooow. It has the ability to be as still as a tripod but I can quickly move and change camera angles based upon Gary’s cues throughout the show. I love this thing.


Growing up from the age of 14 I was a die hard Final Cut editor (until Final Cut Pro X happened…) Since working with Gary, I’ve switched over to being a full Adobe Suite User.


Adobe Premiere for the bulk of the footage editing

Adobe After Effects for the titles and twitter questions

Adobe Photoshop to build the tweets and such (yes, I have to recreate every tweet we use)


Also we’re always looking for more questions so use the #AskGaryVee hashtag on twitter and if you aren’t already doing so follow @garyvee

I hope this was helpful, if you have any further questions — tweet me @davidrocknyc

Enjoy ;)