I’ve Just Liberated My Modules
Azer Koçulu

Azer, you made two separate choices. One choice to leave the NPM community. Another to unpublish the code that you had previously contributed to the public domain.

On the 1st choice, I admire your conviction and respect your decision to leave the NPM community on the principle that you disagree with NPMs handling of the circumstance.

On the 2nd choice — to knowingly cause destruction — you clearly acted with a sense of “ownership” of the code that you previously and openly committed to the public domain. Either you “own” the work, or it’s “open source”— which is it? Contributing to the open source community, in spirit and often in law, means relinquishing ownership. But you decided yesterday that you “own” left-pad and the other modules and took them with you when you left NPM. I can’t admire that.

If you believe strongly in Open Source, then you must admit that when you contributed those modules to the community, they ceased to be yours. Unilaterally deciding to unpublish those modules was a deliberate act of aggression.

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