Thought on Quantstamp

Use Case: I think the use case is very real. Especially in fields with high security demand (finance, etc.) external audits are common and very expensive. Quantstamp automates the audit process in a smart way: They give software companies who do automatic code analysis an interface to licence their software via the Quantstamp network. Also there’s a way for white/black hat hackers to participate in the network, which is very good (there are many reasons why this is better than the traditional bug bounty program). Demand: I think the main demand at the moment would be ICO contracts. I believe Quantstamp can become something like a “certification mark”. Competitiveness: Not sure if their pricing will actually make it cheaper than a traditional audit. My understanding is that you would get a lot more for your money though (multiple audits, not just from one person/team). Product: Not checked how far they are with their vision, AFAIK their roadmap is not very exact. I believe the Request Network audit was done manually, but not sure. Token: No staking or similar, the more use the network has, the higher the value. At least that’s my understanding of it. Risk: Like all the other networks built on dApp success depends on whether Quantstamp will be able to build a functioning ecosystem of people supplying analysis, people running the analysis and people paying for the analysis. TL;DR: Compared to other projects I see it as very useful and relatively doable, team looks decent. Edit: Formatting & token paragraph

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