I’ve got a 10-week Wednesday publishing streak going strong!

I’ve written about one investment I made, critiqued a pitch deck, and startup sales.

So far the article you seem to have liked most is “How My Fears Doomed My First Startup”, which is about my struggles with sales and customer engagement 9 years ago.

I have a couple of dozen startup articles drafted up, but I’m curious — what would you like me to write about next?

— dave

I’ve been wondering how I can connect with founders to help them.

Especially founders in the same city and state as me.

What do you think is the best way? Email, Facebook group, Telegram?

Or does everyone get enough messages and not need more?

David Silva Smith

I want to help you and your friends build your startups. Bitcoin ❤ + father + angel investor #Startup #Tips at https://dsdoes.com

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