David Stack’s Top 4 Entrepreneur Articles of 2016

Here are latest Top 4 Entrepreneur articles written by David Stack, an entrepreneur and finance executive based primarily in Boston. He is the CFO of Qstream, a board director at BrandYourself and the former CFO at Hubspot.

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  1. How Stock Options Can Help Your Startup Attract and Retain Top Talent.
“Partial owners of a company have a vested interest not only in their own performance but in the long term success of the whole company.” — Entrepreneur

2. A CFO’s Perspective on Scaling Startup Growth.

The most significant multitasking talent you need in a startup is knowing how to dream big while pinching pennies. — Entrepreneur

3. Reporting for Duty: The Case for a Strong Reporting Structure.

“The SaaS CFO role should include a robust reporting package.” — Entrepreneur

4. A CFO’s Perspective on Mastering Time When Your Startup Needs You Most.

“The sooner you master time management in your startup, the better for your effectiveness as a leader.” — Entrepreneur

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