Outreach Programs Sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America

An entrepreneur based in The Villages, Florida, David Suleiman is the owner of several restaurants in the area including the Havana Country Club, Johnny Rockets, and the Amerikanos Grille. In addition, David Suleiman supports a number of charitable organizations that benefit veterans, including the Vietnam Veterans of America.

With a goal of promoting issues that are important to veterans and ensuring that future generations of veterans receive the support they deserve, the Vietnam Veterans of America offers a number of service and outreach programs. Some of their outreach programs address issues related to PTSD, homelessness, minority affairs, health care, and drug addiction.

One outreach program addresses Agent Orange, a chemical agent used during the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Veterans of America provides educational information about Agent Orange and dioxin to veterans and works to pursue recognition for the disabilities that are presumed to occur as a result of exposure. By advocating and sponsoring legislation related to these conditions, the organization hopes that additional scientific and medical research related to dioxin and Agent Orange will take place.

Another outreach program relates to educating future generations and groups about the Vietnam War. By providing resources to teachers, researchers, and authors, the Vietnam Veterans of America ensures that high-quality, accurate information is made available. The organization also connects veterans with students so that their personal stories can be shared.