The Sustainability of Transit Oriented Developments

Chicago resident David Trandel has over three decades of experience in real estate investing and finance at renowned financial firms such as Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. Currently, David Trandel applies his expertise as the chairman and CEO of Springbank Capital Advisors, a Chicago based real estate investment company.

Springbank Capital Advisors seeks to provide returns for investors by acquiring institutional quality real estate investments and transit oriented developments. Transit oriented developments are mixed use communities that maximize public transportation and decrease the need for cars. The implementation of transit oriented developments can lead to numerous economic benefits as well as improve sustainability.

By providing walkable, compact communities, transit oriented developments help residents to lead a low carbon lifestyle. The close proximity of residential housing to employment and recreational opportunities also helps reduce energy consumption while enhancing the local quality of life. When combined with renewable energy sources and electric railway systems, transit oriented developments can reduce congestion on roadways and dramatically decrease pollutants. For additional information on transit oriented developments and sustainability, visit

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