Why Become a Member of the Harvard Club of New York?

Beryl Capital Management CEO David Witkin is currently serving a four-year term as vice president of the board for the Redondo Beach Unified School District in California. A graduate of Harvard University, David Witkin joined the Harvard Club of New York City after graduation in 2001. Beryl Capital Management is a merger arbitrage hedge fund in Redondo Beach, California.

With a history spanning more than 150 years, the Harvard Club of NYC serves as an arena in which Harvard University alumni can interact with one another and continue to promote the values of the school. Both locals and non-locals of NYC can apply for club membership and enjoy the various benefits that come with it.

Perhaps the largest benefit of membership with the Harvard Club of NYC is networking. Nowhere else can college graduates interact with a bigger group of Harvard alumni than at the club. As such, this unique setting provides individuals with the opportunity to both connect with new people and meet up with their former classmates.

The Harvard Club of NYC also regularly plays host to a number of member-exclusive events, ranging from business meetings to guest speakers. In addition, Harvard faculty members often frequent the club to give talks about the most current developments at the school. In addition, club members can act as sponsors for associates who do not hold membership of their own, enabling these individuals to attend events alongside members.

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