While few of us will ever be a professional athlete — let alone one of the greatest of all time — we can adopt some of Kobe’s qualities to become great at what we do.

The best leaders empower their teams.

Help each of your team members see that they are important to the team as a whole. Develop leaders within the team to help the organization succeed.

Practicing gratitude is a fantastic way to enjoy our work and lives much more.

As leaders in our work and lives, gratitude can keep us on the right path. It can keep us focused on what truly matters and guide us to the top.

Could a Competitive Cauldron, emphasizing challenge, competition, and accountability among your team members, help them reach new heights?

If we can help ourselves thrive, and if we can help each of our team members thrive, then we will strengthen our teams and raise the overall performance, results and happiness of our team.

Dr. David Geier

Orthopedic surgeon, leadership and burnout speaker, sharing lessons from the world’s best athletes and coaches so you can be a champion in work and life.

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