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Mike, who else could be interested? I for one. Let me give you the reasons why I’m revisiting this since you can’t seem to find any.

I acted badly, but I was badly provoked. What else is there to say?

Well, sorry is always nice. But no worries, I’m not asking for an apology. Why would I want one? Maybe you forgot, but you had some choice words about me, my balls, and every writer that contributed to Poetry After Dark, so yeah I kinda took offense to that. Not that you would know, because you blocked me promptly after leaving me that private note back in July. Which is something that you coincidentally seem to have a problem with now:

Within 15 minutes of publishing this, Anna Whatever, blocked me. Not a word of explanation. Did I mention thin-skinned, humorless dysfunctional soap opera?

So umm, hi there, thin-skinned, humorless dysfunctional soap opera, not saying you have to reconcile those two opposing stances in your head, but just letting you know that that was your own tactic.

Write something original or go back to Twitter. Mike

Here’s one good reason why I’m jumping in. Who the hell are you to tell anyone to get off this platform? No, really, where are you coming from? And did you really just try to take a jab at someone while citing originality while your “new” profile strongly features rehashings of poems from your old profile? I mean, seriously? That’s cool, I guess there’s space for you on twitter as well by that line of reasoning.

And I really need to clarify this bit here:

That conflagration was months ago. Letting go is another Buddhist principle. Those involved have lost interest, moved on or left. Those who are new here would be baffled. What could possibly be served by bringing it up again? Why this need to continue absurd feuds forever? What is the point? Just let it die. I have. Mike

Nah bro, you haven’t. Are you kidding me? This whole thread started with Anna responding to Nemesis. Your name wasn’t even invoked. You jumped in. You didn’t let it die. You kept it going. You didn’t leave the bodies buried. Holy shit that was literally yesterday. Here it is, in case you forgot:

You can’t randomly butt in to something and then be like this is absurd, let’s let it die. “I have.” No, you fucking haven’t that’s why I’m here. Had you not jumped in in the first place we wouldn’t be here right now. Can you not see that? So let’s not propagate this fallacy that somehow Anna is continuing this thing, when clearly you’ve kept it going.

Now, you can respond to me, or you can let it die, you can go to twitter, you can block me, you can follow your credo and stick to poetry, or you can break it again and engage in matters that aren’t poetry related, you can do whatever the fuck you want Mike. This space is large enough for all of us, don’t be a douche telling people to leave.


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