I am tired and sad.
Thomas R. Barton, JD

Thomas, I don’t know what troubles you my friend. But I’ll answer the question laid out for me: “Are not sad and tired hidden there?” In the darkness? Yes, there are waves of sadness to be sure. I do my best to keep swimming. Yes, sometimes I succumb, swallowing sparing gulps of the dark, tasting only a little, but not allowing myself to drown in it. I’ve found that letting myself bleed out on the page a beneficial alternative. I was just sick for almost an entire week. I became intimately acquainted with tired, I was drained, dissatisfied and bored. Yesterday finally the veil lifted, light from the dark as it were. I know not what particular trouble haunts you now. If it’s just this feeling of sadness and tiredness like a shroud over you or maybe something else, something more. I can however empathize with the tremendous weight they can be to bear. I tend to unload here on the page, but there are other places too, this just works best for me. A close second would be intense physical activity if you’re able, going to the gym, a sport of your liking, hitting something.
I hope you break free from the shackles of sad and tired. Keep us posted. Sending you positive vibes my friend.

Be well,

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