Today’s Ramblings

I’ve been sick all damn week. I’ve struggled to write anything worthwhile in that time. I probably was on my way to writing my opus but uncontrollably sneezed it all away instead. Sneeze, drink, sleep, repeat. Fucking dreadful.

— Cold, put on sweatpants and socks. Hot, take everything off. —
 Like a yo-yo of thermoregulation. Waking up at three in the morning fighting with the covers, the pillows, getting up exhausted, pissed off. Drink all the Gatorade flavors, juices galore, ginger infused water, honey, lemon, soup, water of course. More hydrated than a fish, more rested than a damn koala, but feeling like I’d gone ten rounds with Ali (Rest in peace the greatest of all time, much love and admiration).

Today, I finally woke up feeling half way decent. After spending a week filled with the dread only Dickensian characters know, I’m back to feeling like myself. I got up this morning and had a bowl of mothafucking sunshine for breakfast. So now that I’ve got all this energy, I’ve come to hit the keys. I’m about to go HAM all up in this bitch to make up for the lost time. It’s gonna be lit, stay tuned Medium fam, posts are a brewin.

Oh, and make sure to catch what we’re up to over at the PAD:

Peace and love,

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