Self-publishing at its best, I like to think

copyright Matthew Maran

Since April 2015 I have been working with professional wildlife and nature photographer Matt Maran, on the book of his work documenting Hampstead Heath, the wonderful green space in North London. We met at the London Book Fair and I got to work soon afterwards developing Matt’s ideas on the specification, matching the book up with an appropriate repro company and printer and otherwise mapping out and managing the project.

Matt has self-published a book before, of work he did in Canada. He did all the work himself, sorting out the design, production and distribution pretty much single-handed, which was a huge undertaking that didn’t leave him much time to do a lot else besides. Second time around he chose to work with a publishing and book production specialist, yours truly, to take on a lot of the planning and project workload and to offer input on preparing the book for print in the most professional way. Matt’s photos (and indeed the man himself) have been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning, and right now we’re at a hugely exciting juncture.

We’ve analysed all the costs of the project properly, and we’re nearly at the point where the main expenses will be incurred, as we take the book through proofing and then to print. Matt has spent an enormous amount of time capturing a collection of beautiful and evocative images. There are more than 120 of them in the book, and they absolutely deserve to exist in this form. We’re ready to go. On the other side Matt has organised a launch at the Catto Gallery in Hampstead where his work has been exhibited in the recent past.

The campaign is off to a great start, but there is some way to go to raise the funds needed to make it happen. If you can spare some money to back the project you’ll receive a beautiful book, and/or other items too, and enjoy some well-deserved warm fuzzy feelings about supporting a really worthwhile thing.

The Kickstarter page includes some designed pages from the book to whet your appetite. Trust me when I say the book includes a lot more images of equal loveliness.

The campaign runs until March 13th 2016, and you can go right to it, by clicking here

Thanks in advance for any backing or sharing you can offer.

Hampstead Heath, London’s Countryside by Matthew Maran
Hardback, 240 x 290mm (landscape), 192pp
ISBN 978–0–9568196–0–4
RRP £30

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