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Further to my Postings, “Memories of the River Nene” & “The Murder of the River Nene, Peterborough, England.” on my concerns on the amount of Trees being removed from the Banks of the River Nene that runs through Peterborough to the South of the City Centre,

I find it happening on another Development to the North of the City, where the wholesale destruction Trees used by nesting Birds, I dare say again for a profit motive that seems to of been approved by the Peterborough City Council.

the machines responsible for the piles of Wood Chipping's

Normally at construction sites the Machinery is emblazoned with the Name of the Contractor, as they're promoting there Skills in Building, but there is little evidence of this in this case.

Abandoned Tree Stumps

Now I’m of the opinion that, with a bit of extra Consideration in the Planning these Tree not only could of been saved, but adding not only the the aesthetic design, but of would of been of environmental benefit to the Workers that will undoubtedly occupy the site upon completion but also the local Residents that live close by.

I'm sure that it will be said, that these Trees will be replaced by planting replacements but these will take decades to mature,

The World Health Organisation have flagged up major concern about Pollution most of which is invisible to the Naked Eye.

Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever believe I would become concerned for Nature or become a “Tree Hugger” if you will, but I am becoming fearful for our Environment which I believe has reached a tipping point beyond which there will be no return, whatever the efforts of Mankind.


Seems someone else has a sense of loss!

Flowers that appeared on the site once covered by Trees
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