Week 2 of Practical Self Management Intensive — writing a Social Contract
Donal Byrne

Hello, Donal!

Here I am to provide some feedback :)

This is great work from the Cork Oak team this week! I like very much how you frame the message in a positive way by saying “better me + better you = better us”. I developed a positive emotional connection to the text even before I started reading it.

Summarising your 10 values/behaviours in one word or short sentence is of a big help. It would be very difficult for everyone to memorise the explanation of each of the values. It’s an easier to way to start conversations around the values as well. For instance, if someone has to call out another peer, it’s a lot easier to say “Motivation” than “we check that we have a positive motivation for everything we do. Everything we do, we do it with an open heart and spacious mind.”

I also found very useful the usage of acronyms to make things easier to remember such as G.R.A.C.E and SBNRR.

Thank you for crafting this social contract and congratulations to the Cork Oak team!

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