A new habit a month, the next 6 months

Image by samsommer

The 2nd of August 2016 I am moving to Stockholm, Sweden. I was lucky enough to get accepted to the Digital Data Strategist program at Hyper Island.

As I am starting this new chapter in my life, I think it is a good time to do an experiment. Each month, for the next 6 month, I will try a new habit and stick to it for the whole month. I have to perform the task every day. If I like it, I will keep the habit, if not I am free to drop the habit.

As of now, this is the list of things I would like to try out:

I will start today with writing. This means I have to write, every day all of August. It does not have to be published writing, I just need to get at least one sentence on paper each day.

Goals, tracking and punishment

Inspired by research of B.J. Fogg and his program Tiny Habits all daily goals will be very small. The example Fogg uses a lot is with flossing. If you want to start flossing regularly, he recommends setting a goal of flossing 1 tooth. You can floss more than 1 if you fell like it, but 1 is enough. This will make it easy to experience early success, which is crucial for long term success.

I will use the app Way of Life to track progress. It is simple and provides a good overview.

All the habits I will try is of course things I want to do. I expect to enjoy doing these things. Maybe not day to day, but in the long run for sure.

To keep myself accountable and motivated to do a good job, I will have punishments if I fail. Each month I have 2 days where I can miss, without any punishments. For each day missed after that, I will have to pay 100 DKK (about $15) to something that does not benefit me. It will probably be some charity.

Furthermore I will publish a monthly blog post here on Medium to have some “public pressure” as well.

Let’s try something new.