David Corbaley — The Marketing Commando Creation

After leaving high school, I joined the military as a means to get a “fresh start”. Well, it certainly worked. I ended up spending 10 years in the service and finishing my time with an amazong history and set of skills.

After a few years in, I really wanted to be a helicopter pilot, but wasn’t able to qualify because my vision wasn’t perfect (I hadn’t heard of Lasik then!). Instead, I joined the Army Special Forces. After about 2 years of the most incredibly difficult training, I came out the other side as David Corbaley, the Green Beret.

David Corbaley The Firefighter

When I got out of the service after 10 years, I worked at a few odd jobs. There wasn’t really a lot available for someone with a resume as a Green Beret… A friend kept bugging me about trying out for the fire department. I hadn’t been inspired to do that before, but figured “why not”. I tested and got hired the first time around. This frustrated the people who had been trying and testing for 4 and 5 years, but hey, it wasn’t my fault. The fire department was a great career, and I ended up as a fire engine Driver in Seattle. I really enjoyed it and loved the aspect of helping other people. However, I began to get bored…

David Corbaley The Real Estate Investor

I knew deep inside that I wanted my own business. I just wasn’t sure what to do. I saw an infomercial about rich dad poor dad and ended up buying one of his courses. The course taught me that real estate was the best thing for someone to get involved with. I started investing in books and courses about real estate, and flipped my first house. It was in incredible feeling! There was one big challenge though.

David Corbaley The Marketing Commando Is Born

The biggest challenge I faced in my real estate business was finding leads. Motivated sellers who wanted to sell their house. I went back to my special operations roots and used the system to overcome any obstacle. After figuring out a very unique way to get leads, my business really took off. I was doing multiple deals every single month and there were more leads that I knew what to do with. A computer vendor asked me how I was able to grow my business so quickly. I responded telling him how I was using unique methods. The next thing you know, he hired me to do marketing for his company!

The Marketing Commando Goes Local

Of course, he started getting great results. Then he started talking to other business owners about his results. Well… Before long, I was working with doctors, dentists, lawyers and more, helping them to market their business locally. It was a great hit!

The Marketing Commando Goes National

People in the real estate space began hearing about my success. Soon, real estate educators were reaching out to me, asking for a course. I decided to develop my first course on marketing and the rest is history. I launched the course into the real estate space and it took off with great results. I began getting wonderful testimonials about people who were changing their lives with my marketing system. It was very exciting. I needed a name. Well, my system was all about marketing, and I was a Commando, so of course, The Marketing Commando was perfect!

David Corbaley and The Marketing Commando Today

Today, my company has multiple courses that help real estate businesses grow and find motivated seller leads. I also do high level consulting on a limited basis. I love marketing and I love to help people who want to improve their lives. Taking action is the way to do it. However, the action has to be specific action in the right direction. Yes, my company is still called The Marketing Commando. You can find us at themarketingcommando.com

Source: https://davidcorbaleycommando.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/david-corbaley-the-marketing-commando-lead-system/

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