Why you should stop procrastinating and start living your life fully

My personal benefits of meditation

The benefits of meditation

Do you find your life’s passing by and you don’t know how to catch it? Have you ever thought about how to take control and start living every day as it were your last?

Then maybe you should try practising meditation. You don’t need to be a Buddhist monk or a hippie. You don’t need to chant on whale music. All you need is 5 minutes of your own time. As actress Kristen Bell puts it: “When you have a problem — whether it’s road rage, your guy, or work — meditation allows everything to unfold the way it’s supposed to.”

My name is Davide, I am the co-founder of Relak; here I discuss some of the benefits I encountered myself by practising every day.

(Disclaimer: I am not a meditation expert and I do not pretend to be one. The suggestions below are part of my personal exploration through meditation)

First of all, you start living in the present. You face challenges as they arise, and you stop worrying about the PAST or being anxious about the FUTURE. Our society is always based on the worst case scenario. Our mind is wired with it; but, actually, the worst case scenario (almost) never happens. It’s our mind that starts worrying about something that is not there. It is said that a problem is 90% about how you react to it and 10% about it. Next time a problem arises, don’t let your mind trick you. Step back, let it do its own games and then think: “OK, this is just me worrying about it. How do I actually make it better?”

In this way, you have more control over your life in general. As you live more in the PRESENT, you learn how to clear your mind and how to get rid of all the clutter that obstructs it. The things that used to stress you, such as deadlines and agendas, become totally easy and fall into place.

You will also become less judgemental: every person has a different story, and we should never judge them. Try to understand them and their motivations will become more transparent to you.

As you become less focused on judgments, you will develop great feelings of compassion for other people, and you will feel angry at them much less. Practising “LOVING MEDITATION” and sending your love into the Universe is a great way to feel more compassionate for others.

With this perspective, you can start enjoying every easy task as an appreciation of life. For example, you can practice “WALKING MEDITATION”, feeling your leg muscles as they complete the movement (a movement that is so easy for us, and yet, we never appreciate it properly). You can expand meditation in all the activities of your life: from having a shower or doing the dishes. Just like that, you will always be in the present and appreciate the power of life.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to starting your meditation practice. It’s probably impossible to list them all in a blog post; also, some of them might be inexplicable with words. But rest assured, you don’t need to spend 7 years in Tibet to start meditating; everyone can do it.

Start small. Even 10 minutes of daily meditation can make a big difference in your life. The benefits will come to you naturally, but remember, practise makes perfect and meditation is not exception. Look at it the same way you look at your gym workout: your muscles don’t become bigger with just one session; instead, you need to build them over time, session after session.

The same way, you need to add meditation in your daily routine. By practising every day, your meditation will become stronger and stronger. So, no more excuses, from tomorrow, start living your life.

Don’t forget! Tell us how your practice is going, ups and down, we’d love to hear from you. Is there something in particular you would like us to talk about? We are all ears! Let us know and we will make it possible.