The Road to Autumn

I found you on the road to Autumn
Golden sunshine in your hair
I spoke just like a gentleman
And You danced without a care
Daisies and roses, you took my breath away
You opened up your heart
And invited me to stay

The wind blew through the meadows
Like a memory without sound
Your voice came softly calling
My feet have left the ground

The stars are falling softly
And landing in your eyes
You are the moonlights glory
The pearl of heaven’s skies
Oh to touch your skin
To feel your hand mine
The unfolding of a story
A taste of the divine

Your smile brings the sunshine
And turns the heart of kings
Your beauty wakes the morning
And gives a broken man his wings

Come now, dance with me
For the night is quickly fading
Oh that this angel would give her heart away
To a gentleman in waiting

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