Concussion-ology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management — Book Summary

While the concussion industry continues to emerge with lots of new technologies, apps, and theories about handling sports concussions, neurologist Harry Kerasidis, M.D. provides timeless, and timely, instruction in his new book Concussion-ology: Redefining Sports Concussion Management For All Levels, available on

Dr. Kerasidis seems to have written this book with nearly everyone in mind including, the athlete, coach, parents, school administrators, medical personnel and the almighty Athletic Trainers. It’s readability might stretch some, and his ideas may challenge others. After reading his book, I think it should be required reading for everyone, especially student-athletes. Here’s why:

It’s about the brain. When you stop and think about it, there is no other organ as important to livelihood. Whether you’re on the playing surface or pursuing a career, Dr. Kerasidis says, “the brain is our most valued asset.”

I agree. Yet, the brain is so easy to overlook. Thankfully, Dr. Kerasidis gives just enough of a neurology lesson to fully appreciate giving the brain our full attention.

The book starts with his overview of where the industry has come, and where it’s going. Then, he sets the stage for what we can do about sports concussions in our own world today.

Dr. Kerasidis includes his own humorous story about his own experience suffering a concussion. That incident led to what is now a 25-year career in neurology, and having treated thousands of concussions.

The book has some great chapter titles, for example:

Chapter 3: Brain Briefing — WARNING: Contents Are Fragile

Chapter 4: Defining the “Brain Sprain” — The Ultimate One-Hit Wonder

Chapter 5: Brain Drain — How Force Causes Concussions

Chapter 6: Brain Drama — Concussion Repercussions

Chapter 9: Rebuilding the Brain — Reversing Damage Caused from Concussions

In Chapter 8, Dr. Kerasidis lays out his own protocol, using “The Four R’s” which include: Recognize, Report, Recover, Responsibility. Overall, his protocol integrates technology so an athlete can track his own brain health over time. The software, and companion mobile app, he recommends sounds incredible.

This is one book to buy a box full, and give out copies as gifts to coaches and athletic trainers, for example. Everyone needs a refresher because concussions will occur. It’s just a matter of how you deal with them that counts. And, it counts a lot.


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