Top 4 Business Benefits of Hotspot Solution for Hotels

Today, all businesses are completely driven by computer technology and the Internet. There has been tremendous increase in Wi-Fi hotspots over last few years. Hotspots are quite popular in public places such as hotels, airports and coffee shops as they provide free internet access to the customers. So if you planning to buy hotspot solution for your businesses then take a look at some business benefits of hotspot solutions.

Widespread Coverage

Wi-Fi enables you to access internet from any location as it has widespread coverage. Mostly people go to hotels for business meetings and they prefer to choose hotels that provide free Wi-Fi solutions. People can easily connect their laptops, PC and mobile phone to Wi-Fi spots to conduct video conferencing and meetings.


Wi-Fi is type cost-effective technology that is much cheaper than hard-wired network. Wired network is much more expensive than wireless network. In hard wired network, companies have to spend money on labor cost and installation. So if you are running a small hotel or businesses, then it is economical to install Wi-Fi as you don’t have to bear the cost of wiring and other labor costs.

Offsite Access

Today, with the growing popularity of Wi-Fi technology, hotspots are quite popular in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. Wi-Fi network enables you to access the network from any location. You can easily access your company’s email and other resource if your computer is connected to Wi-Fi.


If you own a hotel or any other business, then you can make telephone calls using voice over Internet protocol. Firms can take telephone calls from a desktop that comes with a VoIP phones.

Types of Wireless Hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are of two types namely, open and restricted. Open hotspot is open to everyone and anyone can access the Internet. But you also need to authenticate yourself before connecting to a restricted access point. Different restricted methods and techniques are used for the authentication in open hotspot to avoid any type of unethical usage of internet connection. In closed hotspot, access is given to some users, so you need to use login credentials provided by the network administrator to get network.

Bottom Line

It is quite beneficial to host Wi-Fi spot in any type of business to grab the attention of customers. Many companies provide open source hotspot solutions for various hotels, coffee shops, restaurants and airports. So choose the best provide to buy hotspot solution for hotels or other type businesses.

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