Social media has literally taken over the world thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. Everyone has been absorbed by this media and it was just a matter of time before businesses followed suit. Heck, even cats own Facebook accounts and are busy sharing their lives on a weekly basis! Recently there has been a lot of noise on Social Media Marketing. I see job posts on LinkedIn and Indeed by companies trying to catch up.

Unfortunately, some digital marketers have taken this opportunity to make things complex for many businesses. Social Media Marketing is just as simple as operating a personal social…

So you are probably thinking I’ll start ranting about your logo, theme colors, fonts, and all that glitter stuff. NO! Your brand has very little do with the visuals. Your brand is about how people perceive and resonate with your business. Your job to ensure that you create a positive and memorable mental image of your small business in your customers’ mind.

“Get yourself out there”-This is probably the №1 piece of advice given to single people. After all, if you believe your product or service provides enough value for money then you’re unstoppable. I’m not going to sugar coat things and tell you that everything is going to be easy squeezy. Heck, Marketing is hard, even large well-established brands are still struggling with it.

How did I win over clients on Upwork at just the age of 18?! In a world where customers have products and services shoved at them from all directions, am going to show you how to stand out. At the end of this article, you will get the science of not only charming clients but also learning how to retain them. It’s all about KEEPING loyal customers that believe in you and your product. How do you do this?

Personally, as a writer, I work towards creating content that helps businesses build relationships with their audiences. Business is not just…

So you want to start your very own food truck business? Prepare your favorite food and sell it to your customers with a smile? Am going to show you how and still keep it simple.

But first, some facts:- Did you know that according to the IBIS World, the food truck business generates revenue of more than $804million annually? Or that the business can bring in $500,000 annually to your pockets?(now that’s a whole lot of zeros).

What better way to add some fuel to the fire and keep you motivated towards this venture than to give you some advantages…

I think it would be kind of rude in some guy from Africa just launched a blog and started dishing out tips. I think he should at least introduce himself and maybe tell us why he writes in the first place.

So here it goes...

My beginning.

Here in Africa most of us started out writing in the sand with our fingers. We would spend hours and hours down there just scribbling our thoughts out. This is the reason I can't understand people who say they simply can't write. Everybody has something to write about if they only focus on…

You don't need to have a Business degree to write an effective Business plan. I'll show you how to in just a minute if you follow my lead. First of all, congratulations on joining the entrepreneur’s community, it's not easy at all.

Let's get right into business then.

What is a business plan? Without sounding too professional and bore you to sleep this early. It is simply a guide or a selfmade handbook that shows how your business should grow, your goals, milestones and the roadmap to help you achieve them.

A formal business plan has two main parts. The…

David Haro

I love just about any text that catches my eye. But most especially, I love business related, entrepreneurship and technology and mindfulness articles.

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