The Reason Justin Bieber Follows Me

I get asked a very important question all the time from friends and entrepreneurs when it comes to social media.

How can I make my content stand out to a bigger audience? How can I get celebrities to actually see what I have to say online and engage with it? What does it take to get a follow-back or a re-tweet?

This is a very touchy topic. I say this because it takes so much skill to get a consistent level of genuine engagement online, let alone celebrity attention to a social media profile or movement you represent. However, I’ve been experimenting for a long time within this marketing topic though and I’ve been successful getting important personalities to engage with what I have to say. Just read this interview I did with my good friend, Blaine Light. It’s still a solid read for anyone just starting out with social media. I’ll even post the quick takeaways below for getting important people on your social media radar, and YES, they’re steps that should be relevant to social media managers and experts.

-Be patient

-Have interesting content to engage the entire following; don’t just create content that’s purely meant for important people

-Follow the people you want to follow you back

-Be persistent

-Don’t tweet more than a couple of times per day, and keep content relevant and fresh to retain and convert your following

A lot of times, luck plays the only part in getting a celebrity to engage with your content or follow you back. That’s just the simple truth. There are instances where there’s no rhyme or reason as to why they chose to engage with you at the time.

One of the biggest musical celebrities of all time, Justin Bieber, is following me right now on an app called Shots. You can download the app for free here. It’s essentially an app similar in some ways to Instagram with an entirely new take on the social network, and I encourage you to read more about this amazing app after downloading!

The real reason Bieber is following me on this social network is because I was ahead of the curve on this particular social network and was an early adopter. I knew he was going to become an angel investor and throw capital at this company. The reason why I knew this is was from following trends in technology and startup news and where venture capitalists are investing. I do all of that primary research through Crunchbase.

I encourage anyone taking the time to read this entry to read Crunchbase or a similar site everyday. Not only does it give you insight into the future of global business before hearing about it from anyone else, but I also believed it helped me “beat the system” and learn about this business before I even decided to create a profile. I was very sold on this app from the moment it debuted and knew it was going to be special, even from it’s very early, beta-version prototype that was released under a completely different name. For starters, I also did my homework outside of just startup-browsing on Crunchbase. I made nice with the CEO and founder of the app, John Shahidi, by talking him up many times in my social media postings in and outside of the app itself. He also decided I was worth his time and attention on social media because everything I did to pursue his engagement fell in line with the 5 bullet points posted in this entry. I believe that kind of persistence had a spillover effect, because within a month of following my profile, Shahidi’s celebrity investor, Justin Bieber, started following me on Shots as well.

I can reach celebrities like Bieber and Trump because I’m persistent and patient. I am an extremely patient person, and you need this trait if you want to become good at social media marketing. I know that sounds super cliché, but I knew that being patient with my own tried-and-true social media playbook would impact my presence on this Shots app and make the time I spent reaching out on this network worth it. Plus, the fact I can now say Bieber follows me on something online is quite simply the funniest Internet accomplishment I have besides this blog.

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