How to dump your girlfriend easily

For many people, especially guys, dumping the love of their life is quite a hard task. Little do they know that it’s actually quite an easy feat. We often fall in love with a promise of unconditional feelings but trust me these fade and there is a need to move on, to dump her and here is how to do it;

Stop replying her texts

Just don’t look at the phone even when you think it’s her that texted, more to it, you could give her some blue ticks.

Don’t pick up her calls

Girls have a habit of calling at weird hours. My brother, enjoy your sleep, don’t pick up that call.

Flirt with her friends

Girls hate it when you flirt with other girls. Do, it and she might leave immediately.

Throw her stuff out

Before you kick her out, she might not know that she is actually no longer needed in your life. Throw her out, lest she sticks in your life like a lice.

With such techniques, you can get rid of her and move on with your life. It’s pretty simple-see!

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