It is a crime to quit- you had rather remain and fight the battle till you win and even if you lose, you’ll still be remembered for fighting, so they say.

They talk about quitting as if it’s the worst thing that ever happened after Judas Isacriot. They refer to quitting as a game plan for losers, mediocres and lazy fellas- to them quitting is synonymous to failing, quitting is a myth, a disaster.

I say- why risk it all when you could have just quit? Why keep fighting a battle that you could have won by just quitting. Motivational speakers have done a pretty good job at wanting to think for the populace. They will insert into you their thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that you will lose sight of your own achievements, beliefs and thoughts as you go forth on a path set by someone else.

Quitting is not as bad as they claim it is, matter of fact quitting is that one thing that you must be proud of. It takes as much strength to quit as it would have to keep fighting, chances are also high that the result of both will be the same or slightly differ in the very same direction.

It’s time you followed your gut and not words of an anonymous internet person, it’s about that time that you stepped out of your own comfort zone and out of the comfort zone of Mr. X the motivational speaker. It’s not always easy to pull the plug, to quit and let it go, but most times it’s really worth it.

“Winners Never Quit” This is so wrong and misleading, winners are quitting every day but with the aspect of planning and timing. Don’t be fooled because let’s face it quitting is leading too, quitting is winning too, and quitting isn’t stopping.