Your brain is ticking time bomb

This is something many scientists and philosophers never tell us- ‘Your mind is a ticking time bomb.’ Yes, anything can go off and the difference is that you will not die but it will change the way you view life. Like the destruction a bomb blast leaves behind, a brain blast leaves something behind too but this is dependent on the trigger of the bomb, your thoughts.

As human beings, we are each capable of attaining maximum efficiency in everything that we do but we have very many hurdles that lie in the way of achievement or success. Very many hurdles deter your thoughts and imagination from triggering off an explosion that might forever change your mind.

Fear, risk, mediocrity, incompetence, the comfort zone, low self esteem, loss, poverty, lack of inspiration, all these stand in the way of achieving maximum efficiency.

When your bomb goes off, there are two things involved but I will talk of the positive and you shall figure out the negative if you want to. When your bomb goes off as an effect of the trigger (your imaginations or thoughts), it means that you have overcome the fear, and have taken a step to improve your situation.

Don’t be afraid to let it go, don’t be afraid to let your bomb off.

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