My time at NASA

I’m the one shaking the legislator’s hand.

I am a little over my first month in as a NASA Intern. My work involves making it easier for NASA research and researchers to enter the private sector as well as creating a visual map of regional economic development organizations within select regions. Hopefully this will facilitate the flow of government technology entering the private sector and allow organizations working on economic development to better communicate and coordinate.

A great snapshot of my work so far is Aerospace Days!

This is a time in Virginia where aerospace companies and organizations, such as NASA, travel to Richmond, Virginia’s capital, to meet with legislators to discuss projects and the state of the aerospace industry in Virginia. My mentor and I drove to Richmond to take part in the days long event.

We met with a variety of legislators, Republicans and Democrats, where my colleagues and I discussed the work we were doing at NASA , how it affects Virginia and, more generally, the size and impact of the Aerospace industry within the state.

This was my first experience communicating directly with elected officials. As someone who is interested in technology and politics it was great to see how these seemingly separate areas intersects. From my vantage point the aerospace industry within Virginia, with its NASA Center, Air Force Base, and autonomous drone startups, has a shining and soaring future ahead.

Disclaimer: NASA as a Government Agency is forbidden from lobbying elected officials .