GNation — bringing together gamers for global good

Launched in 2017, by Sergey Sholom, GNation, is a project focused on bringing together the global gaming community in order to form an ecosystem in the pursuit of a greater good. By greater good I refer to things like charity, aiding those in need, and action that can improve the lives of many on our planet and leave a positive footprint. The GNation project and it’s founder are closely affiliated with the United Nations Systems and a few established players in the gaming industry.

What does GNation encompass and how does it work?

GNation combines within itself various services primarily tailored towards gamers. The website itself is the centerpiece of the entire ecosystem and acts as an entry point for users. Each registered gamer will have his or her own profile through which they can access their games, see personal statistics, and a universal in-game task list across the entire platform.

Gamers can complete various in-game and receive GN Gold as a reward, GNations internal currency, which can then be used to acquire in-game items and abilities. But most importantly of all, GNation can be used to fund charitable activities.

Additionally, the GNation ecosystem will sport an eSports platform which can be used by developer teams to deploy their products. Gamers will be able to take part in these tournaments.

Who is on board?

As mentioned previously, GNation works with the United Nations Systems on supporting the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Which focuses on solving important global issues that negatively impact human life, such as poverty, hunger, clean water, medical treatment, sustainable wildlife, and much more. As GNation continues to grow, it’s quite certain that they will onboard more big players within the gaming industry to work together towards a greater good.

The potential is there.

The GNation team is actively building out its partner network and drawing increasingly more interest from gamers around the globe. The ecosystem can become quite massive and promising. The ultimate goal of GNation is to utilize the power of the rapidly growing gaming community that can work together regardless of national borders, age, and skin color in the pursuit of a greater good.