Myths Associated with Buying Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Thanks to hectic lifestyles and increase in dependency on cars, many households buy more than one car. Now, it is not always possible to buy a new car as your first car or sometimes even as your second and third car. In such cases, the viable option is to opt for certified pre owned cars. Statistics show that there has been a sharp increase in the sale of certified pre-owned cars defending the above analysis. Here are some common myths that have been busted with regards to buying certified pre owned cars.

Myth 1: Pre-Owned Cars Compromise on Quality

Contrary to what some people believe, certified pre owned cars are assessed by authorized companies on various parameters such as working conditions, quality, and so on. Companies selling pre-owned cars have their own reputation at stake and therefore, ensure that every small detail is checked. These sellers understand that whether new or pre-owned, cars on sale should be in good working order. Such cars go through rigorous tests and repairs before making their way to the showrooms. This said; all who desire to buy a certified pre owned car can rest assured on the quality of vehicles by pre-owned car sellers.

Myth 2: Pre-owned Cars Can Not Access Insurance Cover

This is another myth that you need to disabuse yourself of when contemplating buying a certified pre owned car. All second-hand cars are insurable in nature. So, if you are planning to buy a certified one, ensure that its insurance is transferrable and will be passed on to you once you buy the car from the old owner.

Myth 3: The History of Pre-owned cars is Unknown

While buying a pre-owned car, most people are wary of the fact that they will get little information on the history of the vehicle. This is not true when it comes to buying certified pre-owned cars from reputed dealers. You can seek pertinent and accurate information about the past owners, mileage used, number of times the car has gone for repairs, if it has been involved in any accidents in the past, and other important facts that will help you take the right decision.

Myth 4: Car Guides Can Help Determine the Price of Pre-owned Cars

You can use the car guides and various websites on the Internet to calculate the approximate price of a pre-owned car but shouldn’t rely on it completely as it isn’t definitive. The price you get is calculated on the basis of ongoing price trends in your area. It may vary depending on any add-ons and mileage of the car. The price, however, does not take into account past damage or existing problems with the car. In short, the car guide just gives you an approximate value.

Myth 5 — Odometer Frauds are Hard to Detect

As the number of miles a car has been driven is a major price determinant, many people tamper with the odometer reading to sell their car at higher rates. This is also one of the reasons car buyers get dissuaded from buying pre-owned cars. The fact however, is that odometer frauds are easy to detect and there are more than a few ways to find out. If you aren’t confident of doing it yourself, you can hire a professional mechanic for inspection and they are able to tell you if the odometer has been tempered.

Given above are just a few myths associated with buying a pre-owned car. Do not be misguided by such myths doing the rounds as they are not founded on fact. Go ahead and buy a certified pre owned car of your choice. As long as you are buying from a certified source, you can be assured of a good quality vehicle in good working order. It is also the best place to buy tires for your new ride.