From the Midwest to the Fashion Industry

Club Exclusive A.K.A. The Fashion Industry

I’ve just entered the exclusive VIP only club called the Fashion Industry. The one that has been spoken of, judged, and claimed by so many people but only conquered by a few. The club that has a line of Instagram beauties, hopefuls, and as @VFILES says “nodles” (Did I spell that right?) standing outside waiting for their opportunity to enter. Amazingly I’ve made my way in. Well atleast past the bouncers. Hehehe. So far I have noticed there are lanes that are populated by the stars, up-and-comings, and new faces with great potential. Each lane are in separate areas of the club; which are the talent, agencies, magazines, clothing lines, beauty teams, photographers, show rooms, events, and media. Each area of the club is full of insiders hoping for their shot to become a NAME. #YASSBiHH NAME we all have one of course, but the goal is to become the NAME. The NAME that makes our Instagram based minds illustrate the Hashtags #GRAND #ONTOP #WINNING #LOOKINGDOWN #LARGE #WINNING #SUPER… whenever we hear it. We all want that right! (My 10th grade English teacher Ms. Nibbs is going to have a talk with me about the capitalization of NAME) *** Oh well it’s my blog ;) NO HATING. On that note I’m going to be writing and showing my 6ft 1"point of view as I navigate this ultra exclusive club. Of course with some sneak peaks be prepared to see, and read my growth as I become that NAME. Well hopefully!

Until Next time -Da-VonciaH- Instagram: @DavonciaH Facebook: DavonciaH Modeling Agency: The DragonFly #TEAMFWM (:

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