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I’ve always preferred story-driven games to the competitive ones. When diving into a game like this, one experiences a variety of emotions and may also grow as a person at the end. Despite all that I came to the realization that we might control these characters — our avatars in a way — , but in effect, they have nothing to do with us!

When playing a game, you see the body and hands of your playable avatar instead of your own. …

An AI that tells apart anime from cartoon based on style.

There is an ongoing debate about the definition of Anime.

The word anime (アニメ) comes from the abbreviated pronunciation of “animation” in Japanese, referring to all kinds of animation.

Outside of Japan however, it is usually meant as animations exclusively created in Japan.

Anime as an Art Form

Films cannot be distinguished (and shouldn’t) based on the country of origin. Why couldn’t people outside of Japan produce anime if they wanted to or why couldn’t Japanese make cartoons?

I consider anime an art form, and this art form isn’t restricted to one country. …

Web App for labeling images

This post is the continuation of Anime or Cartoon? — Let the AI decide. In it I describe the project I’m collecting the data for.

In Deep Learning we often work with huge datasets and this project is no exception. I collected around 300.000 images from both anime and cartoons. Processing this many images is not an easy task though.


I designed this simple web app to crowdsource the labeling of these images. I was heavily inspired by GalaxyZoo which is made for classifying different kinds of galaxies.

If you just want to try it out, look no further:

I’ve got access to an HTC Vive recently thanks to Kibu and I spent my past few weeks playing most of the games available. In this post I’ll share what I’ve learned from playing these games and watching others play them. I’ll walk around the different design solutions in these games especially applied to the Vive.

The Gallery — Episode 1: Call of the Starseed (6213Ft)

+ Hands instead of controllers: This is the first game I see “my” hands in instead of the controllers. This nicely blends into the environment and adds a bit more realism. You can close your hands and pick up objects by pressing the trigger

Nowadays every good tech/magic mod needs a form of liquid storage. As a result they look and behave very similarly. Our mod (Crafting Pillars) is visually driven, hence I wanted to re-invent the way a Liquid Tank looks in-game while retaining the same functionality.

The Idea

Inspiration came from Portal 2 which I was playing at the time. The gels floating in the air form blobs which connect and get separated as they move relative to each other. This fitted the theme perfectly: an ancient, science fiction mod, building from stone but with technology that can compress even liquids.

Dávid Komorowicz

Machine Learning Engineer interested in Deep Learning and Virtual Reality.

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