Puppet Strings

Our ultimate happiness is deep within us, we just have to let it out.

‘Loveable lunatic’, ‘Mad as a box of frogs’…

These are some of the words people have used to described me.

However, I go to bed most nights at 9pm and get up at 6am. I run, I work, I hang out with my family and friends, I love food…all quite normal stuff, things that make me happy.

So why? Why am I seen as a crazy person?
Why have I been this crazy person that actually made me anxious and unhappy?

Our true characters can become masked over the years because of experiences and influences that occur throughout our lives. The ‘mask’ is formed from a early age and is created to protect us from our emotions arising from these experiences — emotions of fear, sadness, pressure, and so on, which we do not know what to do with.

So we hide, we hide behind this mask to pretend to the outside world we’re not …sad, angry, fearful, we’re fine!

The more we wear the mask, the more detailed, more powerful and the more real it becomes. In fact it becomes so powerful that the mask is peoples perception of you, and in the end its who we believe we are.

I call this ‘THE PUPPET’.

We starts to live our lives from inside the puppet. We’re inside working the puppet strings, doing and acting as ‘we should’. The puppet takes control of the more challenging times such as the teenage years, ‘dressing to fit in’, or ‘being seen at the right places’, doing what we feel pressurised to do but not necessarily what we want to do.

The puppet starts to form its own identity, and it becomes our protector, our reactor. It starts to take over and is very influenced by things that are perhaps is not what we, the inside person - our true being, really desires. It often reacts quickly as thats what its been there for, and so does things without thought, not really knowing exactly what it is that we want.

Once we have a puppet to hide inside, its very difficult to loose the puppet and the more challenges and difficulties we experience the stronger the puppet gets. But its hard work steering this puppet, really hard work and we realise its impossible to go where our true self wants when our puppet its so powerful.

So its time to let go of this puppet, drop the strings, climb out and live life how we want. See and follow our own dreams, work where we want, how we want and doing what we want.

As adults we have a big responsibility to our children — letting them know that they don’t need to live life through that puppet.

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