This Is What I Do Before 8 AM.
Jon Westenberg

Really love this article Jon and some elements do resonate with me. I am actually a morning person and love getting up early, I enjoy that peace and quiet that allows me to slowly transition from my night to my day. However I also suffer from depression, the ups and downs, and my inner critic starts challenging me from the moment I wake and continues to make noise throughout the day. This daily balancing of negative to positive is like pivoting on a knife edge, going back from one to the other. I read, absorb, attempt many self help approaches, sometimes that work and sometimes they just stop working. For me I love to run, this gives what I need, a sense of mental peace and enjoyment, but ultimately it is what you say ‘accepting’ who you are and allowing that to be – not fighting these things as I am this way but accepting my pivoting soul and finding and tweaking what works for me to continue and grow my design business and more challengingly my new start up while allowing my time for my family. I feel your words could certainly help me more on my Journey, so thank you and keep writing.

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