An open letter to future strong women

Dear Future Strong Woman,

I see you there, sitting in the airport bar with a sad look on your face. You just learned your boyfriend cheated on you.

Yes, he goes to school in another state.

Yes, he told you he was going to a concert with another woman, and yes — you said you were okay with it.

But you didn’t give him permission to cheat on you.

And his excuse of doing it because he was “intimidated” by you because you’re “strong” — is total bullshit.

It is, however, the sign of a weak man.

Weak men have been around for thousands of years. They have been hiding in plain sight, offering to help women with their rent, or buy them “necessities” — because when they’re needed, they feel better about themselves. They don’t know what to do with a strong woman.

And that’s okay.

Be thankful this weak man showed his hand early in your relationship. Be thankful he is weeding himself out of your dating pool. Be thankful he now leaves you free to explore the dating world to find a man worthy of your strength.


Strong women don’t need a man. They want a man.

It takes commitment to date, and marry, a strong woman.

A strong woman will be direct, and not play games.

A strong woman builds up her partner, she’s not a “ball and chain” holding him down.

A strong woman is not your “arm candy,”she can hold her own in a room.

So, my advice? Embrace being a strong woman.

It is not a lonely prison sentence.

It’s freeing you to find your perfect partner, to experience the joy of life — together.

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