Last week I tweaked my logo… yet again!

I don’t know how many of you have ever tried thinking up a company name, or logo — it’s a much harder process than I ever imagined! Especially in this global age, when you are trying to stand out against the whole world. You certainly don’t want anyone googling you and finding your competition instead!

Your name and logo can’t look or sound too similar to anyone else’s. It needs to look good online as well as printed on a business card. And if you plan on being really successful then it needs to look good in monochrome for printing…

They say time heals all wounds… and to a degree they’re right. But there needs to be some clarification on what “heals” actually means in different situations. For a minor slight or upset, I believe we do heal completely, in time. We truly are able to set down that incident and leave it behind us as we continue our journey.

But for something major, like the loss of a loved one, I’m learning that the best “healing” one can hope for is that the muscles we use to carry our grief merely strengthen over time.

We no longer wake each…

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Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. The end of 2018, and the beginning of 2019, have proved to be very chaotic and busy! But mostly great, so that’s something!

The biggest change that has affected my blog is the swapping of domains between my blog and portfolio websites. As the blog was the first site I created for myself, it was originally hosted on the first domain I bought, namely (where you’ve previously wasted many a coffee break rolling your eyes at me).

However, it makes far better sense to host my portfolio on that domain…

October has been a great month for me! I started coding my Project 3 for Code Institute, and I also took part in my first ever Hackathon! I cannot begin to express how much fun it was, and what a buzz I got from it. The hackathon was organised by Code Institute, and we were split into teams of 4 for the challenge. Each team was then given 3.5hrs to build a website around 2 key words, while remembering to work as a team and show our collaboration using Trello.

Our team (and many others) ended up being only 2…

I finally got my results for the data dashboard project that I submitted to Code Institute in August. With the change to how we’re able to submit they’ve just been inundated, hence the long wait.

I was really worried about this one, as I hit such a stumbling block with the data charts that it set my confidence back really badly. Many coders battle with imposter syndrome, and this website definitely tested my resolve about making such a massive career change.

I am very pleased to say that the result was higher than I had hoped, at 87%! …

I got a very exciting email this morning — the assessment results for my first website! I was almost too nervous to open it, but thankfully I’m more nosy than nervous!

We get marked out of 5 for the following 18 areas:

  • Project Purpose
  • UX Design
  • Suitability for purpose
  • Navigation
  • Ease of use
  • Information Architecture
  • Responsiveness Design
  • Image Presentation
  • Colour scheme and typography
  • Appropriate use of HTML
  • Appropriate use of CSS
  • Version Control
  • Testing Implementation
  • Testing Write-up
  • Readme file
  • Comments
  • Deployment Implementation
  • Deployment Write-up

We also get written feedback on the following 5 areas:

  • Usability and Real-world Application
  • Layout and…

I can finally share the good news hinted at in my previous post! My data dashboard, which I first told you about in March (I know — who remembers that far back, seriously?!) is finally done!

The even better news is that the dashboard (Project 2 of 5) and my resume created at the beginning of the year (Project 1 of 5) have been submitted for marking! I can’t tell you how hard my heart was pounding when I submitted my first project. It was my first creation, my own little website, and I had to let it go —…

Today I was asked a very good question, and my answer ended up being so long, I figured it might as well be a blog post.

“When you start advertising website development, how will you advise clients on the content portion? I’ve gone through $$$ on websites because no website developers accounted for the marketing and the content. … it’s the number one complaint from all my CEO collabs.”

I think it’s a question that all developers should ask themselves at least once. It’s one we need to know the answer to, because we can’t manage client expectations otherwise. …

My Full Stack Development course through Code Institute is a huge amount of information to take in, and I worry that I will lose the earlier skills learned as I progress through the course. To prevent this, I am spending a little time every day working through the challenges on a great website: FreeCodeCamp. It gives my brain a rest from the really new things I am learning, while still keeping me focussed on code, and keeping the full range of languages fresh in my mind.

The part I really love is that it gives mini development projects to be…

It’s been just over 3 months since my last blog post, and I must admit — it actually feels like many more. I’m going to take this as a good sign that I have missed my studies, and my blogging. I’m also going to be completely honest about my absence, because I believe that openness is the only thing that will start breaking down barriers & social stigmas.

I hit a major slump after my really great start to the year. I started getting anxiety attacks several times a day, no matter what activity I was busy with. I lost…


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