Walking Trees Take Over White House!

Dawn Sperber
7 min readJun 7, 2020
Shown here: Giant walking tree with Deer ancestry, present at the June 7 White House standoff. Photographed off-site.

(A Social Justice Fantasy)

BREAKING NEWS: Waking Up in a New America

WASHINGTON, DC — While protesters flooded the streets in every state across the US for the eleventh night, outraged over America’s systemic racism and the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and while sheltered-at-home Americans shouted across the internet for change and prayed in their multitudinous ways for help, it seems their calls were finally answered. A “glowing forest” walked out of the Atlantic Ocean on June 6, 2020, surrounded the White House, and ultimately enfolded President Trump in its branches on June 7.

Several military and private underwater cameras documented a “walking forest of trees” that appeared without warning in the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of Maryland on the night of June 6. At 10:57 pm EST, naval submarine pilot Jeremy Lyons’s radar signal indicated the appearance of an unidentified object that had the mass of two football fields. Within five minutes, Lyons could see the approaching gigantic mass through his submarine windows, as the object emitted what he called a “pale green glow.” Coast Guard officials confirmed the sudden appearance of green light before the trees’ arrival, documented on underwater cameras and vessels along the coast.

Lyons said he witnessed the glowing wall of trees heading toward his submarine, and he knew he had no way to maneuver away before the trees collided with his vessel. His undersea windows turned bright while the forest of glowing trees swept through his location, yet despite the individual trees’ massive size, number, and speed, somehow Lyons’ vessel remained untouched.

According to Lyons, at least some of the trees in the forest have faces. “I swear one looked at me like he was a kind old man, but someone who could also be a tough son of bitch.” Lyons rubbed the tears from his eyes. “Looked at me just like my grandad used to. Most noble man I’ve known.”

Several naval officers and civilians told firsthand stories of witnessing the trees’ upper branches emerging from the Atlantic Ocean’s shoreline and heading up the Potomac River, toward Washington, DC. Each witness, when telling their story, broke down in tears and most said they felt “an overwhelming feeling of love and…

Dawn Sperber

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