Dawn Ellmore Employment reviews the run up to David Beckham’s new logo announcement

At Dawn Ellmore Employment, we constantly monitor patent, trade mark and copyright filings on both sides of the Atlantic for news regarding brands, tech and innovations. It’s partly how we stay at the cutting edge of Intellectual Property (IP) law. And it’s also a very interesting way to stay a step ahead of all kinds of industries and sectors, including sport.

The footballing world has been waiting for a while to find out the name of David Beckham’s new football club, based in Miami. And on 5 September, the announcement was finally made.

New name and logo

The official name was revealed as ‘Club Internacional de Futbol Miami’, and the final logo design was crafted to: “represent Miami’s international, diverse, inclusive, creative and ambitious spirit”.

The footballing world speculated for months about the name and crest of the new football team, as David Beckham’s move to Miami garnered headlines around the world. Various trademarks for ‘Internacional Club de Futbol Miami’ were filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office during the last 12 months, all of which gave clues and hints to the final name and design.

A company called MIPH, LLC, filed potential logos and names. In addition, a trade mark application was filed for ‘Miami Freedom’ earlier this year. This was later confirmed as the name for the team’s brand-new stadium in Miami.

Logo colours

The final design of the club’s logo was printed in the Miami Herald on Wednesday, 5 September, and is almost identical to designs that were previously filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office in August 2018.

The logo is black, pink and white, and shows two great white herons with their legs positioned to outline the letter ‘M’, and an eclipse of the sun. The herons are inside a black outline and the letters ‘MMXX’ are at the bottom. These are roman numerals for 2020, which is the year the team will make its debut on the pitch. The short name for the club has also been officially revealed as ‘Inter Miami CF’.

A separate logo was also filed in pink and black versions, which showed a sun with a crescent shape, seven rays from the top and five stars beneath. However, this doesn’t seem to have made it through.

The team wrote a letter aimed at its fans, which was titled ‘Freedom to Dream’. Also printed in the Miami Herald, it said that the name and logo: “symbolises the heritage of our city, the ambition of our people, and the solidarity of our community. Above all, it marks another step we have taken on the journey to realising this dream together.”

According to the filed documents, the main shield logo will be used on a vast array of merchandise, including foam fingers and T-shirts.

Proudly revealed

Past filings included the name ‘Atletico Miami’, which suggests this was seriously considered as a possible name for the club at one point. Prior to the announcement on 5 September, the club was approached for more information. However, they refused to comment, only saying that Doubleday & Cartwright, a design and media company, are working on the logo and uniform. Unsurprisingly, the agency is a major player, with clients including Nike and Red Bull.

Now that it’s been revealed, the team will be taking further steps necessary to prepare to join the league in 2020. David Beckham said: “This is such a proud day for myself and the entire team. It’s an honour to announce the new name and crest to our fans — we are taking another important step in establishing our Club and today marks an important moment in the history of Club Internacional de Futbol Miami”.

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