Nerf is my guilty pleasure hobby

For the past 13 months I have been consumed with a childish love for Nerf.

I got my first Nerf gun when I was about 5; I actually still have it and it’s a decent gun for lasting for over a decade. Between that first Nerf gun and 13 months ago I didn’t really consider Nerf a hobby. I would buy the new, cool, big Nerf gun that would come out every few months, play with my friends in my house and that was that. Then I was invited to a war last year and everything changed.

A friend of mine, at the time we were just good acquaintances, invited me to come to his church and participate in a Nerf war. I saw his facebook invite and thought “hey I have a few guns in my closet. This will be awesome!” So naturally I accepted the invite and came.

I came to the war with a girl I had just started dating and two friends who were together. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. And I looked and saw all these Nerf guns I had seen but never bothered to buy as at the time I was interested in skateboarding.

And then the Nerf flinging began.

I had a basic Alpha Trooper, mag-fed blaster with a Magstrike as my secondary. A very bulky and awkward set up but none the less it sorta worked. I ran into battle, gung-ho and full of adrenaline and then I started firing my AT. Right off the bat it jammed and I found myself tagged several times by the other players, losing a position for my team and causing me to go and respawn.

“Crap!” I thought. “ I need a better gun!”

That was what was going through my mind the entire rest of the night and into the next day. I was so mad. I thought I would conquer the battle but low and behold my guns were old and worn. The springs were jarred from being primed but never fired and my darts outdated and torn. I decided that if I was going to go to more of these wars I needed to be prepared.

A few months past, no news of a Nerf war so I didn’t buy a gun for a while. I had be researching though and found out that the Hammershot, a new pistol on the Nerf arsenal that had come out only a few months ago, was the most cost effective and best pistol on the Nerf market. So naturally when I heard that a war was happening the day after Christmas I bought it and trained with it.

And in between buying that gun and the war I became good friends with the guy that invited me to wars, John. We hit it off after the first war and so naturally we talked about the winter war. He realized I had natural leading skills and wanted me to help lead at the war.

So christmas came and went and I received a bulk amount of ammo for Christmas and to help me at the war. But on the 26th John fell ill and it was up to me to lead the war.

Nevertheless the war was a disaster in most ways. Respawn points were messed up and flags were in hidden points. It was a nightmare. Zombies was just a game of who could live longest rather than trying to complete the objective. It was awful.

But my hammershot kept me safe. I had a small pouch attached to my belt and it held about 30 darts and that’s all I needed. It was great.

But the lesson was learned and another war was arranged for February. In between the months of February and December I had purchased a military surplus ammo pouch that could hold around 60 darts. I was still only using my hammershot, unmodified and all.

That war went fine and my leadership skills had developed well. It was the next war, the war I had for my birthday that made me realize how much I loved Nerf and how much I was willing to spend on it.

The war of May came and boy did I learn. It was my birthday party and about 24 people were there including me. Same loadout and everything.

There were a few times in Capture the Flag where my gun misfired or jammed but few times. It was during zombies though, freaking zombies, is when I realized I need to get serious about Nerf.

I consider myself one of the better players in our Nerf community. If I were to put together a dream team of nerfers in our group it would be me, john, taylor, spencer, thomas, Melissa, jamie, Simone, Peyton, Cody, and Lance. We’re probably what makes up the elite. John, thomas, lance and I though are like the alphas of the elite. We usually are the last to go down in zombies or the ones to take and seize positions in CTF.


It’s the third round of zombies and it started off fairly rough. I was with a group of about 10 and we were in a hallway. It was a normal hallway with both sides open and a door to the right. About 2 minutes into holding this position we lose about 3 people. Our defenses are broken and people are starting to panic. So I run.

I run down a hallway to try and find a hiding spot but it is quickly found out by the zombies. I run back and enter the sanctuary, the biggest room in the church. But before entering I take out two zombies so they know where I go.

I run into the farthest corner of the room and I hide behind a door propped against the wall. About 2–3 minutes go by and no one can find me and 2 other guys. Then on a part of the sanctuary a bunch of screaming erupts and they find one of the guys. He quickly tells the zombies that I’m in the room and they start searching frantically.

They’re looking and looking and I think I’m about to make it when my friend jamie looks and sees the door I’m behind and approaches. Before she can find me out i Fire. And that’s when all hell breaks loose.

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